Swaragini-Jode rishto ke dhage ff(2)


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The epi starts with Janki is being treated by docters her condition is getting worst in every passing second.shekhar is tensed,ragini is crying..
while sumi does her best to keep away swara from ragini,she doesnt want even shadow of ragini on swara..she is broken from inside her bf n husbond betray her,she just want to keep her 10 yrs innocent daughter away from all this…she is seating numb with swara..while ragini is crying n shekhar consol her…
looking all this shekars care towards janki n ragini,sumi realised that shekhar loves janki n ragini more than her n shona…

Finally doc come out of ot n says
Doc-Sorry mr Gadodia we tried our best but we cant save her.
shekhar(shouts)-what do u mean?? i know shes all right treat her,save her…shekhar rushes in ot,sumi is follow him…
shekhar says-Janki!! plzz wake up u cant leave me like this plzz wake up…Ragini badly needs u plzzz wake up!!!
Sumi also cries seeing shekhars condition.
Sumi-shekhar,sambhalo apne aap ko,ab vo nahi ayegi…
shekhar parform all rituals of Janki,
Ragini is small but mature she understand what she lose today,she cried badly,but shekhar shows her one star n says
Shekhar-Ragini ur mom is always in ur heart,always with u,look @. that star.which shines bright now there is ur ma….ragini sadly smiles looking that star,she used to talk with that star in nights…

15 days later,
now swara n ragini beacomes best friend,but sumi doesnt even look @ ragini in thease days as raginis face remind her what her best friend did with her,she reming how janki betray her….
But now sumis patience ended,she ask shekhar to chose ragini or chose swara n her…
shekhar knows that ragini cant live without him so he chose ragini..
sumi shekhar took divource,n swara is leave with sumi(according to courts custody)….
shekhar n ragini live in Gadodia mention….

10 yrs later…(Gadodia mention)
A girl is showing who wears jeans n blue coloured long top,her hairs are open she is extreamly pretty,shes none other than our Ragini..
she come in Gadodia mention,n hugs shekhar
shekhar-Ragini beta u come! thank God u come otherwise i will come to take u!
Dadi enters
Dadi-ha chhori! shekhar 1 min bhi na rah sake hai tere bini!
Ragini hugs dadi n says-i know dadi.Thants whay i came early..
Dadi-Waise kya kiya lado maheshwari mention me???
Ragini-Dadi as usual chatting with ap aunty,sujata aunty,uttara n mast with laksh..
Dadi-Lado,laksh is ur best friend na or more than best friend(winks)
Ragini-Dadi,dont tease me,He is jst my best friend…

In night
Ragini comes in her Balcony,she saw the brightest star n call Maa
closed her eyes,cute smile comes on her face
Ragini- ‘MAA’ Im very happy in my life beacouse of Papa,he loves me so much n i too love him,hes also happy but i know hes not happy,i can see his emptyness in his eyes,i know he badly miss sumi ma n swara,i dont know where they r..since 10 yrs i or papa never saw them,they never come….
But Maa i want to see papa happy,i want to reunite them with sumi ma n swara…
‘SWARA’ my best friend,i think now she will be hate me badly as i m the reason for papas n sumima s divource…i want to reunite them…ma she wips her tears..

she slips @ 12:00 am
ragini is sleeping peacefully in her room…while she hears some noices,some1 calls her ‘RAGINI’
She immidiately wakes up n find her papa,dadi,dada
they all shouts happy birthday,
ragini is very happy
she cuts the cake,n feed all…
She feeds cake to shekhar,
after some time shekar goes on terrace,ragini also come n says
Ragini-papa u miss swara na!!
Shekhar-yes beta,today is shonas bday also..
ragini-i know papa
(in mind)-Dont worry papa i will soon unite u with sumi ma n s

Precap-raginis bday party n lakshs intro…

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