Swaragini-Jode rishto ke dhage ff(1)


Hey friends im shasha…without wasting time lets start ff..

shekhar n sharmishta r married since 12 years n they have lovely daughter swara…swara is the piece of shekhar sumis heart,she is apple of their eyes,she is 10 years old,shekhar is buisnessman n having chain of hotel,sumi is proffecer but she want to give time to swara so she take break….

Their life is parfect,happy but destiny have diffirent plans for them….
their life seems to be parfect but its not parfect…their life changes due to shekhars secreats…dark secreat..

One day,sumi n littile swara goes to temple n they r shock to see shekhar doing pooja with one women n littile girl shes around the swaras age.n in that pooja shekhar feel sindoor in that womans hairline….seeing this sumi is shatterd…swara couldnt understand anything,several questions arises in her mind..
Tears r flowing from sumis eyes..shekhar n that women sees sumi n gets shoked
sumi understand that they r married n this is pooja which is done by only married couples,she couldnt belive her best friend,yes the women is sumis best friend since childhood n the women is none other than JANKI…janki n shekhar r married since 12 yrs n ragini is their daughter,shes 10 yrs old..
shekhar n janki r shocked,shekhar rushesh to sumi n says
shekhar-Im sorry mishti,i know sorry is very small word for my mistake,but plz listen to me..
sumi-enough shekhar!!! how could u do this with me,how could u betray me,why shekhar why????
Shekhar-sumi,listen to me once,im really sorry..
Janki comes forward n says
Janki-sumi,jst listen to shekhar once,its all because of me,its not shekhars fault sumi!!sumi me n ragini will go far from ur life,we’ll never come back im ur life,plzz forgive shekhar..plzz give him one chance plzz
Sumi-Why janki ur my best friend why u did this to me??? i always consider u my sister more than my friend,i was trusting u more than myself,but today u brock my trust
u both brock my trust on friendship n mirrage,i cant able to trust u,to forgive u..u know what janki u dont go somewhere i will go with my daughter n she lives while crying,her heart is burning due to betrayl of her husbond whom she love infinitely & her bf whom she treat like her sister…..
she is leaving with swara
Janki-shekhar stops sumi..shekhar isnt move from there as he know sumi wouldnt stop now
so janki rushesh to stop sumi,sumi.is seating in car,suddenly she hear noice like some1 screaming,its jankis voice,sumi looks on road where janki is lying unconcious with blood(truck hits janki)
sumi.is shock,peoples r gathered there shekhar comes n.lift janki in car n takes her to hospital…sumi also reach in hospital..

janki is shifted to OT,shekhar is busy in compleats the formality paper of hospital..

Ragini is seating on bench n crying,swara comes to ragini n wipes her tears (swaragini plays)
Swara-Dont cry!! whats ur name
Ragini(while crying)-Ragini
swara-im swara,ragini dont worry janki anty will be fine soon
(Friends sumi n janki was bf so swara knows janki,but sumi n swara doesnt know about ragini,as janki never exposed ragini to sumi so here swaragini r 1st time meet with each other)

sumi sees swara talking with Ragini
so goes to them
sumi-shona come here
swara-no ma i have to talk with ragini..ma look ragini is still crying ma plzz ask ragini not to cry
sumi doesnt look at ragini n seprate swars hand from raginis hand…n pulls swara otherside..she takes swara n come to other side

friends hows this,if u have any doubts,que u can ask me…plzz comment…Bye!!!

Credit to: Sasha

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