swaragini jode in pyaar ke sur (Epi-3)


The epi starts with arjun and swara set ready to leave . Just then rags stops:jiju how ll you leave with out your shoes . Arjun searches for his shoes and understands that rags has hidden them. Rags:jiju if you want ur shoes ,your siblings should win a challenge . They must find the shoes with in 20 mins if not you cant go with my di . She turns to lucky :are you ready? Lucky: yes . Lucky, chandu and sandy starts searching ,but they are not able to find , just then chandu sees the shoes in rishi’s room and brings them . Lucky taunts rags ;-D Everyone are about to leave swara hugs everyone but finds her siblings missing . She walks to the car but turns around for her sis and bros . She about to run back but finds the ghatbandhan and stops . Arjun takes off the his shawl and asks her to leave she runs to her room and goes near rishi :bhai you ll not bid me for a last time . She cries :'( vigorously sid consoles her all the four hugs and comes down the hall. Rishi takes swara to arjun and asks to take care of her. Arjun promises him that he ll never let her cry . Swararjun gets into the car . Shekhar, rishi and sid gives a push to the car. They all wave to swara. In mm ap: swara enter the house with right leg . Swara and arjun are about to enter lucky stops them and asks for gifts . Swara gifts lucky,chandu and sandy . They allow them inside . Sujatha remembers arjun that he should carry the bride in his arms upto his room . Arjun lifts swara they have an eyelock 😉 . They enter a room its fully decorated. Just then lucky comes : bhabi do you like it . Swara shy: yes . Lucky:thank god you liked it i worked a lot to make to beautiful . Just then chandu and sandy enter:bhai even we to helped you . They make a small conversation , sujatha comes and takes the trio away. In room arjun stands near the wind watching the moon some scenes flash in his mind . Swara interrupts: i want to say some thing to you . Arju: ha tell me.swara:actually… I … Lo.. Saying so she slips on arjun they fall on the bed .they have an eyelock they compose themselves and are about to get up but they struggle . Swara’s hairpin strucks to the bed and water oozes out . Then they understand what lakshya worked hard on. They get up finally and finds themselves wet arjun asks swara to change her dress. Later he also changes they share a sofa as everywhere its all water. They sleep. In his dream arjun is running behind a girl : shona pls stop . If you wont stop then….. Before he completes his word a car hits the girl . He wakes up shouting Shona . He finds its already morning and thinks of the nightmare . He sees swara sleeping on floor and goes near her . He goes close to her , so close that he is about to kiss her . Swara wakes up .

Precap: not yet decided.

Credit to: jodhaa

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  1. Nice..who is Ragini’s pair??

  2. What both r in lovee but another persons

  3. nice…..

  4. Nice..hey pls give link of previous parts..nd who plays d arjuns role..waiting fr nxt

  5. In this ff…no sanskar????

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