swaragini jode in pyaar ke sur (Epi-2)


The epi starts with the bhaarat leaving for swaragini mansion , lucky,chandu,sandy are dancing . At swaragini mansion in swara’s room dadi and mishti are making swara ready for wedding just then rags comes and says the bhaarat has arrived. At the entrance mishti, shekhar,dadi,dadaji and rags welcome maheshwaris . Mishti does aarti for arjun , she pulls his nose as a part of ritual . Lucky: mom why is aunty pulling bhai’s nose? If im also expected to get the same treatment in my marriage then i ll not marry in my life . Sandy:bhai never expect that, because if anyone holds your nose then they ll get to know that you ll always be having cold. Lucky:sandy i ll see you later . Saying so he sneezes 🙂 . Mishti welcomes arjun . In room swara is watching all from the window and blushing. At mandap rags serves everyone with sweets. Lucky starts roaming , suddenly he stops seeing a lady, she is beautifully dressed in red saree but is turned on the other side . Lucky starts flirting with her. Lucky: thank god i finally found my soul mate . I have never seen a beauty like you. I dont y when i saw you it seems like its not the first time we are meeting. I think we have met a long back. By the way im laksh maheshwari you can call me lucky . Im groom’s bro . My dear lady , you good name pls .

The lady turns: im shobha goyal , bride’s dida 😉 . Lucky was shocked :O 😐 . He composed himself and said if my bhabi’s dida is so gorgeous then how ll be my bhabi ? My bro is really lucky … 😛 Saying so he escapes . Rags who watched all this laughs . In the room swara starts crying just then shekhar comes shekhar:shona why are you crying ? Swara: why everytime they both do like this to me ? they know its my marriage but see they are not here. Shekhar:you know na they ll never do this with their little sis . But they may be busy so they aren’t here . Dont feel bad . They ll be here by tomorrow. Dida comes there: shona keep some tears for your bidai and now you should smile . In mandap pandit:mishti ji bring the groom and bride . Mishti goes to bring swara while ap brings arjun . Swara and mishti comes down , none is able to see swara’s face since it is covered with veil. She is dressed in red and cream lehenga and looks perfectly matched to arjun . Swara comes in front of arjun . The pandit asks swara to make arjun wear the varmala. Lucky and rp lifts arjun and swara is unable to grab him . She thinks if her bros are here then they would have definetly lifted her . She closes her eyes ,tears rolls down her cheeks :'( . At a moment she feels like she is in air she looks down the veil two boys are lifting her . Yes they are her bros . Sid and rishi (male lead from kasam) .

Swara smiles in happiness 🙂 she makes arjun wear the varmala . Similarly arjun reciprocates . The pundit asks them to sit . The scene shifts to airport a man rushes to the taxi . Man : ll you come to swaragini mansion. Taxi:yes sir . The man gets into the taxi . The taxi stops in the midway . The man buys a bouquet and writes to swara with love . He heads to meet swara. At the mandap the pundit asks swararjun to stand for phehras . At the entrance the man see the board and is shocked . He gets down and rushes to the mandap . The pundit asks arjun to put sindoor and wear mangalsutra to swara . By the time the man reaches arjun fills swara’s mang with sindoor . Pundit :the marriage is finished from today onwards you are wife and husband . Take your elders blessings . They takes everyones blessings swara comes to rishi and sid and hugs them . They wipes her tears and says:how can we miss our sis wedding ? They three hug rags join them . The man watchs everything he thinks:swara you didnt do good, by hook or crook i ll get you very soon . He throws the bouquet and leaves from there in anger :-[ .

Precap: swara’s bidai, arjun sees a girl in his dream calling him aj . Lakshya flirts rags .

Credit to: jodhaa

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