swaragini jode in pyaar ke sur (Epi-1)


The episode starts with swaragini mansion decorated well for marriage . At the entrance there is a board gadodia family welcomes you all .:-) swara weds arjun is written . In the mansion an old lady is supervising the work just then a girl in bridal dress comes and asks her to drink milk :dadi if work like this then you will be tired by my wedding time . Dadi :shona if you roam like this then you will get kali nazar and whats the special that you brought milk for me . Swara: my dear dadi from tomorrow onwards i ll be in my sasural then who ll fight with you and let me do my last service to you . They both become emotional and hug eachother just then rags comes and say the groom is not ready to do this marriage . Everybody is shocked . Mishti: rags what are you saying ? Rags : ma if swara continues to hug dadi only when ll the groom hugs her . Everyone laugh , dadi holds rags ear and rags asks for apology . Swara blushes and goes away . In maheshwari mansion ap is busy with work and asks servants to hurry up . Just then a girl in red lehenga comes and says: badi ma dont worry relax everything is ready except our hero . Ap shocked:what arjun is not still ready ? Sujatha from behind gives a tap on girl’s head :jiji dont worry this chandu is getting naughty today . Its lakshya who isn’t ready . In a room lakshya is shown getting ready he is wearing blue sherwani and says to himself:lucky get ready soon if not your hitler dad will scold you today also. Just then another girl in blue lehenga enters :bhai its arjun bhai’s marriage not yours doesnt it seems over that bhabi will be confused to identify her groom if you make yourself ready like this . Lucky: sandy thats good na then i ll only marry bhabi . Sujatha scolds lucky and sandy and tells them to come down. Everybody is ready for bhaarat but groom hasn’t arrived . Dp:laksh where is arjun we are getting late . Lucky:wait papa i think he is in his room only . I ll go and bring him. Just then arjun comes down he is wearing a cream and red sherwani . Ap does the aarti and feeds arjun with kheer : from tomorrow onwards your wife ll only have right to feed you . Arjun hugs her:mom no one can take your place you ll always be my mom and she ll be my wife . He hugs ap and sujatha . Chandu: bhai if your serial stop then we ll leave im excited to meet my bhabi . The bhaarat leaves for swaragini mansion. The screen freezes on swara and arjun’s face .

Precap: swara’s bros entry .swararjun wedding . Laksh flirts rags.

Note : sorry guys arjun is elder than laksh

Credit to: jodhaa

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  1. Who is arju

    1. arjun is played by arjun bijlani

  2. Superb dear

  3. In intro u said swara and laksh marriage.. please no raglak plssss

  4. Where is sanskar
    And who is arjun

  5. Guys i ll reveal the pairs to you its swararjun , raglak, sansid and chanshi . Yes my ff has new star arjun played by arjun bijlani and sanskar’s entry ll be in the upcoming episodes so dont worry . Just enjoy the ff . You ll get a clarity soon . By the way its arjun and swara’s marriage only not laksh and swara’s. Thanks for you all 🙂 😛

  6. Diff story i think

  7. Different concept

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