Swaragini- Jeetain hain chal- (episode 5)


HIII GUYS!!! i am on cloud nine after reading your comments. keep appriciating and i will give u the best i have. tell me that u want raglak marriage in the next episodes or shall i delay it?? they will also make swasan realize that they love each other, it is not crush.The Maheshwaris exept for Sanlak go back to mm.
Swara- Guys, i will change quickly and come till then u decide about the themes.
Ragini- Haan Swara go quickly.
Swara goes and comes back after sometym wearing a blue tank top and victoria secret silk pyjamas.
Sanskaar is lost in her beauty.
Swara- Kuch decide kiya??
Laksh- ummm…. No Swara.
Swara- Ohooo… Mere bine tum log kuch nhi karte. Sanskaar, tum ne kuch socha??
Sanskaar does not say anything
Laksh- Sanskaar bolo…
Sanskaar comes back to his senses.
Sanskaar- Actaully Swara, i was thinking only.

Swara- Ok come sit.
Ragini- I will get coffee for everyone.
Swara(in a teasing tone)- Haan haan laado, u will toh bring only naa, so that my mind works properly and u engagement will be the best.
Ragini blushes.
Ragini- Shut up Shonaa.
Ragini goes.
Laksh- Swara, what about a theme engagement??
Swara- Awesome idea… Ragini loves disney princesses, so we will keep the disney theme.
Sumi- My laado is fine with every theme, this Shona only loves disney.
Swara- Maaa…. 😉
Ragini brings coffee for everyone. But Swara mischievously puts a leg and Ragini disbalances and the coffee os spilled on four of them.
Swara- Ragini what are u doing. See??
Ragini- Swara dont act smart, this is done by u only.
Dadi comes there and pulls Swara-s ear.
Dadi- Shonaa, what is going on??
Swara- Dadi, pls leave its paining.
Dadi- Laado u take Laksh to ur room and get him cleaned and chori(swara) u take Sanskaar to your room.
Ragini’s room
Ragini- Laksh, go to the washroom and get yourself clean. Take these tissues.
Laksh goes. He comes back and then Ragini goes to change. She wearings plazzo and a short kurti over it. Laksh is mesmerised seeing Ragini. He starts walking towards her and she starts moving backwards. Finally he pins hher to the wall.
Ragini- Laksh, what are u doing?? Someone will see.
Laksh- No one will come i have locked the door.( actually he forgets to lock the door 😉 )
They share a passionate kiss.
Swara’s room-

Sanskaar cleans himself and Swara changes into shorts and a crop top.
Sanskaar goes mad seeing her.
He comes near her. They are very very close.
Swara- Sanskaar what are u doing??
Sanskaar removes a thread from Swara’s here. She blushes.
Sanskaar- Lets go and see Raglak.
Swasan opens the door and see Raglak romancing. They do not notice Swasan.
Sanskaar(in dp’s voice)- What is going on here?
Raglak panicking
Laksh- Papa wo…
Swasan burst into laughter.
Laksh- Sansky… I will kill u.
Swara- Laado, atleast wait till ur marriage.
Ragini blushes and they all go down.
They discuss about the themes and all.
Sanskaar- Ok then, tomorrow Laksh and I will go the caterers and in the evening the maheshwari and gadodia family will go to buy the rings rogether.
Ragini- And the decorators??
Swara- We will not hire the decorators, we will decorate it ourselves.
Laksh- Thats a great idea.

Swara- Ok then right now only Sanskaar, Laksh and I will go ti order blue, pink and white orchids for decoration.
Ragini- And me??
Swara- Laado u need to make us dinner as eveeyone has gone to mm for a nightout.
Laksh- And tonight we will also go and stay there.
Sanskaar- Complete family time.
Ragini- Okk u guys go, i will prepare dinner for u and then we will gi ti mm.
Swara- Ragini if u want to go to thee florist u may go, i will prepare the dinner.
Ragini- No Shona, if i fo na then our house will look like some world war 3 has broken out.
Swara makes a puppy face.
Ragini- Now go and get ready.
Swara wears jeans and a simple white top.
They leave.
After an hour, they come back and Ragini serves them food.
Laksh likes the food so much that he keeps on eating.
Sanskaar- Ragini, the food is awesome, right Laksh??
Laksh- Mom cooks this way, i love the taste.
Swara- See laado ur going to be husband is praising u soo mych.
Raglak blushes.
Sanskaar- Now lets go to mm.
Suddenly very heavy rainfall starts.
Ragini gets Sumi’s call.
Sumi- Laado, it is raining very heavily, u guys stay there only tonight.
Ragini- But maa….
Sumi- No arguments.. Tc gn biii.
Ragini- Biii maa
Swara- Ragini, why maa cqlled?

Ragini- Shona, she asked us to stay here only tonight as it is raining heavily.
Swarq- Ok.
Ragini- U guys sleep in Swara’s room and Swara and I will sleepp in my room.
Sanskaar- Lets go.Gn guys.
Swara- Gn.

Credit to: Shreya

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