Swaragini- Jeetain hain chal- (episode 4)


I Am really sorry guys. i could not post anything as i am having my exams and chickenpox together. my exams will be over by 21 and after that i will post atleast 1 episode a day. sorry
once again. guys so this is the fourth
part of my ff. i am really sorry once again. here is a quick recap.

RECAP- Swara went to a conference and meet

Sanlak there. They have a deal there. On their return Swara makes Lucky meet Ragini and he os completely mesmerised seeing her. Sanlak leave from Swara’s office after some time and Shekhar and Sumi tell Swara about Ragini’s relationship. Swara is stunned hearing this and asks about the boy. She is shocked to hear Lucky’s name and in the evening she goes to maheshwari mansion along with her family.

Dp- Welcome shekhar and Sumi ji, namaste kakaji and kaki(dada and dadi)
Shekhar- Hello dp ji, u have met all of us, but she is our younger daughter Swara
Dp- Who dosent know her. Buisness mein bahut badi hasti hain ye.
Swara- Areee., uncle nothing like that.
Ap- Sumi ji you have given very good teaching ro ur daughter, she does not like hearing good about herself.
Sanlak arrive there.
Sanlak together- Swara tum????
Swara- Guys control, Laksh did u like Ragini.
Laksh- Swara what are u saying??(he is acting in front of everyone)
Ap- Beta hain tu mera, see how u are happy hearing her name.
Lucky- Aree nothing like that ma.
Dp- Lets g inside and talk.
They reach inside and sit.
Shekhar- Now when both the kids have met each other and they like eachother so…
Dp- Means Ragini likes Laksh???
Sumi- Ji bhaisahab
Laksh blushes.

Swara- Someone is blushing very hard here.
Laksh- Shut up Swara.
Dp- Laksh, talk properly to Swara.
Lucky- Papa…
Dp- But tell me one thing that how do u guy know Swara personally??
Sanskar- Bade Papa actually we have done a deal with her company.
Laksh- And she was there with us in the US trip.
Dp- Okk…
Sujata- Sanlak go Show Swara the house till then we will talk.
Sanlak- Ok
Swara goes with Sanlak.
Laksh- Swara, really Ragini liked me??
Swara- Yes she did Laksh. Wait I will make you talk with her.
Sanskaar- Swara come in our room.
Swara- Yeah… Yeh lo laksh Ragini se baat karo.
Laksh takes the phone.
Laksh- Ragini are u happy with this relation??
Ragini does not say anything.

Swara- Laksh are u mad?? A girl will never confess her feelings soo freely and that too over the phone.
Sanskaar was continuously looking at Swara.
Swara- Idiot, take her to a date and then propose her.
Sanskaar- But bade papa will not allow. He is a little conservative in thr matters related to marriage.
Swara- ok lemee think.
Rp(shouting)- Laksh, Swara come down.
The trio go down.
Swara- What happened uncle??
Sujata-Chori(girl) the relation is fixed. The engagement is next week.
Swasanlak together- Next week…
Swara- Okk then I will do all the preparations. It will be the most grand engagement one would have ever seen.
Shekahr- Swara, we know but please do not book the full hotel for it.
Swara- What hotel??? THE engagement will be in our home.
Dp- Then toh Shekhar ji your house will look no less that a royal fort.
Swara- Sanskaar and Laksh I will need ur help in this.
Dp- Beta dont worry, i will send both of them to your house tomorrow.
Sumi- You all come to our house tomorrow na, you will meer Ragini also.
Swara in her mind( ho gaya plan flop).

Swara- But uncle then let Sanlak stay for the planning and they will come back late.
Rp- Sure beta.
The Gadodia’s leavw.
Gadodia Mansion
Sumi- Laado get ready quickly, they must be their at anytime.
Ragini- Maa I am ready.This Shona is only is not getting up.
Shekhr- Shona get up the Maheshwaris would be here anytime.
The door bell rings.
They all go in the hall except for Swaragini.
Shekhar- Come come ji welcome all of u, have a seat.
Laksh was continuously looking for Ragini and Sanskaar’s eyea were finding Swara
Ap- Sumi ji, pls bring Ragini quickly we want to see her.
Sumi goes.
Ragini enters the hall.
( She is wearing red and purple anarkali suit with long traditional earings.)Laksh completely mesmerised seeing Ragini.

Sanskaar- Bhai, control your emotions.
Sujata- jiji, she is very beautiful.
Ap- Come Ragini sit down.
They talk for an hour.
Sumi- Ragini, show Sanlak the house
Ragini- ji maa.
They see the house but Sanskaar is searching for Swara,
Ragini- Now last is our room.
They enter Swaragini room
Laksh- Who is this Ragini??
Ragini- Who else, she is Ms. Swara Bose.
Sanskaar- She is sleeping till now??
Ragini- Haan Sanskaar, she will not wake up before 12.
Swara- Ragini, shut up and take ur friends away, see na I am sleeping( She says ii childishly)
Ragini- Swara they are your friends, they mean something else to me.
Swara- Ragini, say it clearly.
Ragini- Sanskaar and Laksh have come along with my in laws
Swara(jumps on the bed)- What?? Ragini why didnt u wake me up??
Ragini- From last 2 hours Ibwas trying to wake u up darling.
Swara was wearing her night suit.
She sees Sanskaar and Laksh
Swara- Hii guys.
Laksh- Hiii and gm swara.
Sanskaar is compu mesmerised seeing her.
Ok guys wait I am coming, i will go and meet everyone. She runs.
Ragini- Swaraeuku toh u r wearing night suit.
Swara reaches own and say hii to everyone.

Everyone laughs seeing her.
Swara- Why are u laughing??
Sujata- This is why there was soo much shanti till now??
Ap- When did u wake up??
Sumi- Right now ji.
Swara makes a face and runs towards her room.
Swara- Ragini u mad u fool u stupid, why didnt u tell me that i am in the night suit??
Ragini- I tried to tell u but u ran like toofan mail
Swara makes a puppy face and Raglaksan laugh together.
Swara gets ready to go to the office. She is wearing trousers and blue shirt.
Swara- Bii guys.

Dp- Beta where are u going??
Swara- Uncle office.
All start laughing again.
Swaea- Why are u guys laughing again??
Rp- Swara today is sunday.
Sumi- She is like this only work work work…. I dont know who will marry this girl??
Laksh looks at Sanskaar mischievously.
Dp- Dont worry Sumi ji we will find a good groom for her after Laksh and Ragini marriage.
Swara blushes.

They all leaave for mm except for Sanlak.

Credit to: Shreya

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