Swaragini- Jeetain hain chal- (episode 3)


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Next day:-
Swara is sleeping. Ragini is trying to wake her up as they need to go to the office.
Ragini- Shonnaa, wake up.
Swara- Ragini let me sleep or I swear i will kill u.
Sumi- Swara waking or shall i bring a bucket full of cold water??
Hearing this, Swara jumps out of the bed.
Swara- Aree maa, see I am awake.
Ragini- Cold water always works maa.
Sumi- Yes Ragini.
Shekhar- Why do u disturb my Shona when she is sleeping?? She does so much work and u dont even let her sleep.
Swara- See baba is the only one who supports and understand me.
Dada ji- Swara, I am with u.
Dadi- Shekhar tune hi bigada hai isko, ghar ka kaam toh karti nhi, bus idhar se udhar jaati uchaleti rehti hai. Jab Sasural jayegi toh mera bahut naam roshan karegi der se uth kar.
Swara- Meri jaan, main sasural jaungi hi nhi, main toh yahi besharamon ki tarah rahungi.
Dadi- Dekh Shekhar, tere hi laad pyaar ka assar hai.
Shekhar- maa….
Swaragini are now getting ready.
Ragini wears a black anaarkali suit and Swara is wearing her formals.
Swara- Ragini, lets go.
They reach the office.
Sanlak are already present there.
Sanskaar- Hii swara.
Swara- Hii Sanskaar and Laksh.
Laksh does not respond.
Swara- Laksh
Sanskaar- Laksh bhai.
Ragini- Laksh ji
Laksh(comes back to his senses)- Hiii Swara. Ragini seeing u is my dream come true.
Ragini- Nice to meet u.
Laksh- This is a small present for u.
Ragini- Awee… Thank u

Swara- Ragini, play ur sitaar for him and I will sing and play guitaar.
Sanskaar- Swara, u play guitaar and sing also??
Ragini- Sanskaar, u dont know how much talented out Swara is.
They start their jugalbandi. Swara sings the song soch na sake from Airlift and Ragini plays her sitaar. Full office is enjoying the jugalbandi.
Sanskaar(to himself)- Why are u soo beautiful Swara??
They end the jugalbandi and everyone claps for them
Swara- Ragini, Sanskaar and Laksh come to my cabin, we will talk there.
In the cabin:-
Sanskaar- Swara, this is the legal draft of the deal. Pls sign on it.
Swara- haan give.
She signs.
Laksh- Ragini pls give me ur phone no.
Swara- Why laksh??(in a teasing tone)
Laksh blushes.
Ragini- 4677….8
Laksh- Thank u Ragini.
Sanlak leaves.
Swara- Laado, u liked Laksh right??
Ragini- Noo Shonaa,…
Swara- Dont play fool with me, tell me the truth.
Ragini- Swara actually…ummm…i
Swara- What actually, ummn, u say it clearly.
Ragini- Swara maybe i may get married to this person.
Swara- WHATTT!!!?/?

Ragini- Do u remember when u were in US and u talked to me about laksh and u asked me how i know him, that same day, his family members came to see me.
Swara- Ragini, i hate u, u hid this from me!!”
Ragini- I was about to tell u but…..
Swara- But what Ragini, u cheater, u fool, u idiot, u…
Sumi and Shekhar enter Swara’ s cabin.
Ragini- Maa baba u here??
Swara- Maa Ragini may get married and this thing i am getting to know today!!
Shekhar- Sorry beta, accha listen, today we will go to their house to meet them. Swara u need to accompany us while Ragini is going to stay back at home.
Swara- Baba, Ragini is marrying not I she needs to go there.
Sumi- Shona, we are going to meet the boy for the first tym, Ragini cannot see him face to face untill and unless we finalise the relationship.
Swara- But maa, Ragini toh met him.
Shekhar- When??
Swara- An hour ago.
Sumi- How??
Swara- Actually he and his brother Sanskaar came to my office for a deal. In fact the were with in the US.
Sumi- Then toh u must have known him very well. How is he??
Swara- He is a very good natured man, he respect women and he loves Ragini
Sumi and Shekhar together- What!!/,
Swara- He met Ragini today, though he loved her sitaar without meeting her, but today he was complu mesmerised seeing Laado.
Ragini blushes.
Shekhar- Laado… How was he?? R
Ragini blushed harder and hugged Swara. They all smiled at her.

The Gadodia’s reach Maheshwari mansion.
Dp- Welcome.
Shekhar- Hello ji, she is my younger daughter Swara.
Swara- Namaste uncle.
Dp- Kaun nhi jaanta isko, bahut badi hasti hai yeh buisness mein.
SANLAK come there and are totally shocked to see Swara with her family.

Credit to: Shreya

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