Swaragini- Jeetain hain chal- (episode 2)

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Three of them reach Boston.
Swara- Guys do u remember the hotel’s name?? I forgot.
Llaksh- Swara dont worry, the head himself would come to pick us up.
Sanskaar- U and we are his most imp. clients.
Swara- Hmm.. Lets go out, he must be standing then.
They move out and the head greets them.
Head- Gm sir, gm mam.

Together- Gm
Heaf- Come sit, I will drop all of u to the hotel.
Laksh- Sir if u dont mind then we would like to have our rooms in thr same wing.
Head- Sure mr Laksh.
They reach the hotel.
Swara- Sir pls give us the conference schedule. I would like to go through.
Head- Ms Gadodia, it is kept in your room on the table.
They all to their rooms.
Ragini calls swara.
Swara- Hiii Laado.
Ragini- Shona u all right naa?? Reached properly??
Swara- Haan Ragini.
Swara walks out of the room while talking ro Ragini. In the corridor Laksh and Sanskaar were already standing.
Swara(without noticing them)-haan Ragini I will take care.
Laksh jumped when swara took Ragini’s name.
Swara laughs seeing him.
Swara-Ragini ur biggest fan wants to talk to u.

Ragini- Who Swara.??
Swara- Laksh Maheswari.
Ragini- Co-owner of maheswari group of companies??
Swara- Yes, but how do u know him?
Ragini- When u will come back I will tell u.
Swara- okk now talk to him.
Swara hands over her phone to Laksh.
Laksh- Hello Ragini. I am ur big fan and I love when u sing.
Ragini- Thank u Laksh ji,
Laksh- I want your autograph.
Ragini- When u all return, I will make sure that Swara makes me meet u, i will give u the autograph and i will also sing for u a song.
Laksh- Thank u Ragini.
Ragini- Biii Laksh.
She ends the call. Laksh is soo much excited that he hugs Swara in a friendly way.
Swara- Laksh control your self.
They all laugh.
Swara- Ok guys, so today is a leisure day for us and I am going for shopping, will u like to accompany me??
Sanskaar- Lets go Swara

They all leave.
For about 3-4 hours they are shopping .
Swara- Ok guys, i am almost done with my shopping. I am going to the last shop. You may also get something for yourselves.
Sanskaar- No Swara, even we are done, we will accompany u there.
Swara- ok
Swara is so confused in selecting gown for the ball dance after the conference. Sanskaar sees her and suggests the royal ice blue strings gown. She buys the same gown.
Meanwhile Laksh is selecting a dress for Ragini to gift her when they both meet. Neither Swara nor Sanskaar gets to know about it.
Swara- Lts go guys or else we will get late for the dinner.
They leave and reach the hotel. They are having dinner and meeting the other buisness men and women.
After the dinner gets over they leave for their rooms.
Sanskaar- Good night Swara.
Swara- Gn Sankaar, Laksh.

Next morning.
Swara is getting ready for the conference, she is wearing a formal baby pink shirl, an a line skirt and a blazer over it.
She gets out of her room and goes to the conference hall.
She reaches the last and everyone stares at her.
Swara- Sorry guys, for getting late.
Head- Its okk mam, have a seat.
The meeting ends after about 4 hours. Swara and Sanskaar leave for the room while Laksh is talking to some buisnessmen.
Sanskaar- So ms Swara why did u come soo late??
Swara- Actully Sanskaar, I cannot wake up untill and unless someone wakes me up. Luckily Ragini called to with me good night as she was going to sleep and then I hurriedly came to the hall.
Sanskaar- Dont worry Swara, tomorrow I will wake u up.
Swara- Thats soo sweet of u Sanskaar.
They both go to their respective rooms.

In the evening, they go to have dinner and for the ball dance.
Swara wears the same gown which sanskaar helped her in choosing. Her hair were put as a bun with some curls coming out. She was looki.g as a princess.
Swara and Sanskaar left for the hall while Laksh was in the room thinking about Ragini.
Sanskaar- i look very beautiful Swara.
Swara blushes and thanks Sanskaar.
They reach rhe ball room and Sanskar asks Swara for dance.
They start dancing.
After sometime:-
Swara- Pls take me to a corner Sanskaar. Wothout leaving me.
Sanskaar= What happened Swara why are u so tensed?
Swara- Sanskaar pls do as I say

Sanskaar takes Swsra to a corner.
Swara- Sanskaar, my dori of the gown got open while dancing, you look that side will close it.
For 5 min. She is trying to close the dori but is unable to do so. So Sanskaar ties the dori for her. When he touched her , she felt a current passing through her body.
Swara(hesitantly)- Thank u Sanskaar.

They have the dinner and leave for the room.
Swara- Gn Sanskaar.
Sanskaar- Bii and gn
Sanskaar enter the room and sees Laksh daydreaming.
Sanskaar- Bhai, are u done with thinking about Ragini then lets sleep.
Laksh- Look who is speaking, u are dying without Swars here and teasing me.!!
Sanskaar- Bhai, its nothing like that and dont tease me or else I will tell Swara that u love her sister.
Laksh- Go tell, then i will also tell her that u lov her.
Sankaar- I dont love her, its just a kind of crush.
In Swara’s room:=
Swara- What is happening o me, why am I thinkin soo much about Sanskaar and today’s incident?? Do I love himm??? Arerr no no Swara, its just a crush.

Here Swara is trying to explain hersw that its just a crush and there Sanskaar.is trying to make Laksh understand that its just a crush.
Next day:-
Sanskaar calls Swara on the landline to wake her up.
Sanskaar- Swara wake up, we have to board the flight.
Swara- 2 min. Sanskaar
Sanskaar- Swaraaa
Swara- ok f9
She wakes and thinks that Sanskaar is so sweet, he waked me.up
She gets ready and they leaves for the airport.
This time their seats are different.
Swara(to herself)- I wanted our seats to be together.
The flight takes off. They all sleep. After sometime Sanskaar wakes up and sees Swara shivering on her seat. He calls the air hostess and ask her to cover Swara with a blanket.
When they are about to reach,
Swara wakes up and sees her covered up with a blanket. She calls the air hostess and asks her that who asked her to cover her with a blanket.
Air hostess- Mam the passenger on the seat no 27 asked me to cover u.
Swara- okk
Swara sees at Sanskaar who is sleeping and thinks that why does he care for me so much??
They reach Kolkata.
Swara- Bii guys, my papa is here to pick me up, so meet u tomorrow in my office and Laksh u pls come as i will make u meet Ragini.
Laksh=excited)- sure Swara.

They leave
Swara reaches her house. She sees dida and runs towards her and hugs her.
Swara- Dida when did u come??
Dida- 2 days ago.
Swara- Now we will do lots of masti.
dada ji- Shonaa kaise hai tu??
Swara- Perfect!!
Swara- Ragini u need to come to my office tomorrow, he wants to meet u.
Ragini- ok
Shekhar,Sumi,dada,dadi,dida together- Who??
Swara- Her fan with whom i have done the deal.
Sumi-okk, now all of u sit, i will bring food.
They spend some family time together.

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