Swaragini- Jeetain hain chal- (episode 1)


The episode starts with two girls doing jugalbandi of guitaar and sitar. Just then a lady of about 40-45 years enter the hall. She is their mother.
Ragini-,See maa, Swara has gone mad, she is emotionally blackmailing me so that i dont go to Mumbai for my concert.
Sumi- Shonnaaaa….
Swara- Aree maaaa, i am blackmailing her i am ordering her not to go.
Sumi- But why Shona??
Swara- Maa laado never spends time with me, she is always buzy with cocerts.
Ragini- This is not fair Swara, the point is u are always buzy with conferences and u dont have tym.
Swara makes a face. She is about to say something but suddenly her phone rings.
She is over the phone for about 10 min. Then Shekhar arrives.
Ragini- Sit down papa, I am getting the breakfast for u.
Shekhar- Thanks Ragini, come u also sit and.call ur workaholic younger sister also.
Swara- Baba, i am here.
Shekhar- Come beta join us.
Swara- yes baba.

Shekhar- Who was over the phone?
Swara- Papa, actually I have to go to Boston this saturday for a conference.
Sumi- Shonaa i cannot send u to the US all by yourself.
Swara- maa dont worry. Iwill take care of myself.
Dadi- Chori akele pardes mein kaise rahegi tu??
Swara- aree dadi ma it is just a mattrer of a week.
Shekhar- ma, dont worry, your shona is a fighter. She can survive in tje hardest of the conditions.

On Saturday
Swara wears a black jeans and a grey crop top along with boots. She is lukin super smart.
Shekhar- lets go beta we should be tjeir on tym
Sumi- Shonaa tc and call me everyday.
Dada ji- Swara beta dhyan rakhna.
Dadi- Shonaa, remember god in every difficult citcumstances.
Ragini- All the best meri jaan.
They leave for the airport.

Swara boards the flight. Coincidently the seats next to her are allotted to Sanskaar and Laksh Maheshwari.
They board the flight and are shocked to see Swara.
Sanskaar- Lucky she is Swara Gadodia. If we deal with her we will win a lottery.
Laksh- aree leave about lotery, now finaaly i will talk to her and i will be able to meet her sister Ragini, she is a very bid bollywood star.
Sanskaar- Luckyyyu….
Sanskar- Hello ms gadodia.
Swara(looking towards him)- hello. Sorry but i didnt recognise u.
Laksh- i am laksh and he is sanskaar. Wr are the owners of maheshwari compar.
Swara- Ohhhh the maheshwaris.
Sanskaar- Mam…
Swara- just Swara.

Sanskaar- Swara, i honestly want to deal with u.
Swara- My pleasure.
They discuss about their deal in about.two hours.
Swara- so Sanskaar and Laksh, deal??
sanskaar- deal.
They shake hands.
Laksh- Now enough of the buisness talks, Swara i am a die hard fan of ur sister Ragini. I want her autograph.
Swaraa- Ohhh…. So Mr Laksh wanted to deal with me so that he can get my sisters autograph. Dont worry Laksh, i will make u meet her when we get back to India.
They all laugh in unison.

Credit to: Shreya

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