Swaragini-Jag Ghoomeya Thaare Jaise Na Koyi Season 2 Shot 3 Part 2

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Recap: Laksh reaches office on Sunday
Laksh calls Pari
Laksh: Hlo bhabhi.
Pari: haan Lucky babu tell, How r u?
Laksh: how am i?..do u knw what have i done?
Pari: ab kya ho gaya?
Laksh: i went to office today bhabhi
Pari: but aaj toh
Laksh: haan patha hain..i knw today is Sunday
Pari starts to laugh
Laksh: bhabhi ab aap bhi
Pari: acha baba ok. I’ll not laugh
Adarsh comes and sees Pari suppressing her laugh
Adarsh: what happened?
Pari narrates everything to him
Adarsh starts to laugh
Adarsh: kya yaar Lucky tunne toh naakh kata ke aayi
Laksh: ha ha make more fun of me na
Pari: arrey now dont b angry
Laksh: it is all happening because of tht Ragini
Adarsh: what did she do
Laksh: itna kaam karathi hain ki main bhool gaya aaj Sunday hain. I hate her
Pari: Lucky kahi aisa na ho ki tumhare yeh hateness pyaar main na badle
Laksh: pyaar that too use never ever bhabhi. Even if she is the last girl on the planet i am not gonna love her.
Mishti: Shekhar dekho aisa kab tak chalenga?
Shekhar: Kya Mishti? What are u talking about?
Mishti: i am talking about Laado
Shekhar: what about her?
Mishti: Shekhar i was thinking about her marriage
Shekhar: stop it Mishti..i think we already have dropped this discussion
Mishti: but Shekhar
Shekhar: but what Mishti? Do u want her to suffer more? Already she has suffered a lot becoz of us
Mishti: but Shekhar we did want Janki and Rathore wanted.
Shekhar: but we were also ignorant too
Mishti: i know..but how much tym she will be like this.
Ragini: Like what ?
Shekhar and Mishti are shocked to see Ragini
Ragini: Like what? What is the problem in being like this
Shekhar: beta we
Ragini: no..pls ..pls dont try to make me remember abt all those things tht i want to forget in my life..pls i beg u
Ragini rushes to her room
Mishti: Laado..
Shekhar and Mishti goes behind her
Ragini locks herself in her room
Shekhar: Beta Laado
Mishti: pls open the door beta..
@ Ragini’s room
Ragini takes her photo with Janki and Rathore
She holds it and sit on the floor closing her eyes.
AP: DP ji
DP: Haan
AP: r u listening
DP: Haan Annapoorna
AP: Dont u think we should start looking for a bahu?
DP: Arrey what is the problem with Pari?
AP gives a angry look
DP: Acha ok…i knw u r talking abt Laksh…but do think he will be able to handle it
AP: Handle it ?
DP: y hi mean as far as i knw him..i dont hink so.
AP Smiles.
DP: why r u smiling?
AP: Everyone says he is like u.
AP burst out laughing
DP: Ha ha so funny
AP: OK ..how abt Sharma ji’s daughter
DP: Woh doctor ?
AP: Haan she is really good
DP: Haan woh toh hain toh Sharma ji se baath karu?
AP: haan
Laksh hears this.
Laksh: oh My god Sharma uncle’s daughter..DR.Bubbly Sharma urf Chipku Rani and my wife
Laksh’s face turn green
He imagines Bubbly as his wife.
Laksh: no way..but papa is going to call Sharma uncle..and agar aisa ho gaya toh..no ..they will instantly agree..kuch karna honga Lucky socho socho socho..
Laksh thinks
Laksh: yes idea
Laksh goes to AP and DP
AP: Haan Laksh hum tumhe
Laksh: my but before tht i have to tell u smthing
DP: Before what?
Laksh: no i mean maa was going to say smthing na before tht
Laksh: ma papa i am in love
AP and DP r shocked.
AP& DP : WHAT!!!
Precap: Ragini’s past hunts her
So i knw its been like months..but i am so sorry guys i was very busy with my studies but no worries now i am having my holidays and i am going to post everyday. So i’ll b posting each episode of my 2 on going ffs
And about Jab Sanskar met Ragini Jayu didu is actually having exams till June once her exams are over we will start updating it
Once again sry all
I missed u all….and i hope all of u r doing good
And let me knw it through ur comments
Adi :) 

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