Swaragini-Jag Ghoomeya Thaare Jaisa Na Koyi Shot 5 Part 5

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Previous Shot
Precap: Ragini rejects Laksh’s proposal.
After 1 week
Laksh and Ragini have not seen or talked to each other after that day.
Laksh was really sad beause of this.
AP comes to Laksh’s room
AP: Laksh
Laksh looks on
AP: Laksh why r u sitting like this?
Laksh: mom than what u want me to do?
AP: Laksh its ur wedding tomorrow..
Laksh: pls mom..i dont want to talk about this now.
AP: If not now then when are we going to talk about this Laksh?
Laksh: not now mom.
DP comes to Laksh’s room
DP: Laksh
Laksh: papa i am tired of all this pls leave me alone for some time.
Laksh sits on the bed.
DP: Comes Anu let him take rest for sometime
AP: but..
DP: later Anu..
DP and AP goes
Laksh grabs his mobile phone.
He opens the gallery and sees his and Ragini’s pictures.
(Yaad hain from Aiyaary plays in the background)
Laksh remembers time spend by both of them. Laksh proposing her. Finally Ragini rejecting him.
His eyes turns moist.
Laksh: why are doing this to be Ragini..why cant i hate u…why cant i just stop loving u..even after knowing that u can never be mine. Why are u bothering me this much Ragini.
Someone knocks at his door
Laksh looks on
Adarsh and Pari comes in
Laksh: bhai.
He runs to him and hugs him ti8.
Adarsh: Lucky calm down..
Laksh: i lost everything bhai..
Pari: no Laksh dont say like that. You have lost nothing..
Laksh wipes his tears.
Laksh: Ragini rejected my proposal .
Pari: maa told us everything.
Adarsh: calm down Laksh.
Laksh: bhai.may be i dont deserve her.
Adarsh: no its not like that Laksh..she dont deserve u.
Pari: Haan Laksh now dont think about her..u have to think about ur new life.
Adarsh: haan Laksh Pari is telling the right thing.
Laksh: do u think i can
Pari: we do Laksh
Adarsh: haan Laksh
Laksh: i dont know..i really dont know.
Pari and Adarsh hugs Laksh
Next day
Morning @ MM
Pari comes to Laksh’s room
Laksh is sitting on the bed looking out the window.
Pari: LAKSH.
Laksh: haan bhabhi.
Pari: woh maa has asked me to give u this..sharwani
Laksh: ok bhabhi..keep it there.
Pari : laksh are u okay?
Laksh: i am trying to be bhabhi. But i dont know
Pari: dont worry Laksh everything is going to be ok
Laksh: no bhabhi..nothing will be ok.
Adarsh calls Pari.
Pari: Laksh take care
Laksh nodes his head
Pari goes
Laksh: Laksh Maheshwari what is happening in ur life? Oh god i am fed up of this. Will i be able to accept Bubbly as my wife. But one thing is sure Ragini I cannot forget u ever in my life. Pls god keep her happy forever.
Pari: papa do u think Laksh is happy?
Adarsh: haan ..papa mom..honestly we dont think he can forget Ragini this fast
AP: He will have to
Pari: but maa
DP: Do you we are doing all this to increase his pain?
Pari: yes.
AP: No Pari beta..we are not..why dont u both trust us..
DP: Why will we do anything that will hurt Laksh?
Adarsh: but
AP: Adarsh pari guests have started coming..
They all starts welcoming the guests.
Adarsh knocks at laksh’s door.
Adarsh: Laksh get ready.
Adarsh goes.
Laksh looks at the sharwani.
He closes his eyes
Laksh comes wearing Sharwani.
Laksh takes his phone.
He opens his contacts.
He stops at Ragini’s number
Laksh: what should i do? Should call her or not.
AP: Laksh beta.
Laksh keeps his phone back on the table.
AP: Chalo its time
Laksh looks at her painfully
AP: I know Laksh beta u are angry with me right
Laksh: no mom why will i be angry at u
DP comes
DP: Laksh dont u trust us beta?
AP: trust us beta ..do think we decided ur marriage to hurt u?
Laksh: no u both can never hurt me i know that.
AP and DP hugs laksh
Laksh comes down with AP & DP
Pari and Adarsh goes to them
Laksh shows that he is alright
Pari: Adarsh why are we letting this happen
Adarsh: i dont know Pari but do u think mom and papa can do this to Laksh
Pari: no ma and papa never does anything that would hurt himAdarsh: and thats my only hope
Adarsh side hugs Pari
Pari: dont worry Adarsh.
Adarsh smiles.
DP introduces Laksh to everyone
AP: Come beta sits..
AP makes laksh sit in the mandap.
Pari: Where is Bubbly maa?
AP: Dont worry Pari beta she will be here
After sometime.
Bride arrives.
Pari: why is she wearing a ghungat?
DP: Ritual
Adarsh: what ritual papa?
Pari: there was no this kind of ritual in mine and Adarsh’s wedding
Adarsh: haan
AP: Arrey its not us but they want it
Pari looks at both of them and then looks at Adarsh
DP & AP Goes
Pari: dont u think something is fishy here?
Adarsh: why do u think so?
Pari: this ghungat and see Bubbly’s family is also not not seen here
AP sees Pari and Adarsh talking.
AP : DP ji see i think pari is having some doubts.
DP: oh cant be..we are acting it perfectly.
AP: Yh u r over acting ji.
DP: I am not overacting.
Bride comes to them
She takes their blessings.
AP: Beat we must stay cautious. Pari is having some doubts.
DP: Dont u dont scare her Anu
AP: I am not scaring her, i was just waring her
Bride: c’mon both of u chill..i’ll take care of it.
Bride slowly shows he face..
Its Any guesses??????
Its Ragini.
Ragini: waise why was Adarsh bhaiya and Pari bhabhi not involved in this plan?
DP: Becoz Adarsh and Pari are also like Laksh.. Pranksters
Ragini smiles.
AP: Ragu ghungat.
Ragini wears ghungat.
Shekhar and Sharmishta reaches there
Laksh sees them
Laksh goes to them
Laksh looks on
Laksh: Ragini?
Sharmishta and Shekhar looks at each other.
Laksh: its ok..she didnt come right..
Shekhar: beta woh
Laksh: its ok uncle..i can understand
Laksh sits in the mandap.
Shekhar: Lash beta we will meet the bride and come
Laksh : ok
Shekhar Sharmishta goes inside.
Shekhar: Ragu.
Ragini comes nd hugs both of them.
Sharmishta: AP ji dont u think what we are doing is a bit too much?
AP: No Sharmishta ji..
They all smiles.
FB Starts
1 week back
Ragini gets AP’s call
Ragini: Hlo
AP: Ragu how are u?
Ragini: i am ok aunty
AP: Beat now what should i say..u know about Laksh right..do u after knowing about ur past..he
Ragini: what Laksh knows everything?
AP: Yes beta we all know..
Ragini: Aunty Laksh..
AP: Yesterday he went to meet Karthik
Ragini: what Ka..Karthik? for what.
AP: Beat laksh beated him so ..much that its god’s grace that Karthik didnt die.
Ragini: what??
AP: He did all this for ur happiness. Beat dont u love him?
Tears comes from Ragini’s eyes.
Ragini nodes her head in yes
Ragini: yes.
AP: Then tell him that beta..he will be there now
DP takes phone from AP
DP: Ragu beta..not that easily..if he proposes u..then reject him
Ragini: but why uncle?
DP: Beta Laksh still behaves like a kid..he is not serious about his life..and yh very irresponsible. So i think if u act like u reject him. Then he will take life seriously. AND WE HAVE SOME MORE PLANS
Ragni: plans?
AP: Haan beta we will tell him we will decide his and our friend’s daughter Bubbly’s marriage.
Ragini: what!!!
DP: dont worry beta..the bride will be u only
Ragini: i am not getting anything
AP: Beta we will just tell him that we are getting him married to Bubbly. But actually the bride will be u
Ragini: i am still not getting anything. But i trust both of u.
AP : ok beta..and haan dont let him know that u know all these
Ragini goes and sits outside GM
Laksh comes there.
Seeing Laksh Ragini is happy..but she doesn’t show and she gets up to go.
Laksh stops her
Laksh: Ragini pls.
Ragini: Laksh leave me
Laksh: pls Ragini listen to me once..tht ni8 i didnt mean to hurt u
Ragini does not say anything
Laksh: i am sry Ragini..i know i hurted u a lot..but
Ragini: leave my hand Laksh..
Laksh: pls forgive me Ragini
Ragini: Laksh..i really dont want papa to see u here..he will get angry again and..
Laksh: and will beat me right..i am ready
Ragini: ready for what?
Laksh: let he beat me, but i’ll not go until and unless u forgive me
Ragini: it even matters Laksh?
Laksh: maybe not for u but for me it matters a lot
Ragini: Laksh go pls..
Laksh: Ragini
A car comes
Laksh and Ragini looks on
A person get down from the car
Ragini shocked to see that person.
Terror strikes her again
Her body started to shiver
Ragini(in mind): i dont know why..whenever i see him i just cant control my fear laksh
Ragini: Karthik…
Karthik is having bandages on his hand and face..also his leg
Ragini is scared.
Seeing this Laksh goes near to her and holds her hand.
Ragini sees Laksh holding her hand and she feels so relaxed.
Ragini(in mind): Thank u Laksh..i know u understands me
Laksh looks at her..and assures her that he is with him
Ragini looks at Laksh..
Karthik comes towards her
Karthik: Ragini.
Ragini looks on
Ragini(stammering): h..hi
Karthik: i am sorry Ragini for everything. I should not have hurted u . I am really sorry for ..
Before he could say anything more Shekhar and Sharmishta comes there.
Shekhar slaps Karthik
Shekhar: how dare u to come near my daughter
Shekhar looks at Ragini.
Karthik: uncle let me..pls..
Shekhar: i dont want to hear anything.
Sharmishta: haan ..u have made our daughter suffer a lot. Now what u want?
Karthik: aunty pls i just want to talk to her
Laksh: let him talk to her ..its ok we all are here only na
Shekhar: u dont dare to talk to us and stay away from my daughter both of u
Ragini: no papa..i want to hear want he want to say..pls
Shekhar looks at her
Shekhar: but why bacha.
Ragini: i want to hear papa..ok now say Karthik
Karthik: i am really sorry Ragini..whatever i did to u was ..was..horrible..i know that..pls Ragini..i am sorry for all that i have done pls..i know u cannot forgive me still..i am sorry.
Ragini: ok then dont ever come infront of me again Karthik.
Karthik: no never ever
Ragini: what happened with u..
Karthik: woh..accident..
Ragini: ok.
Ragini Shekhar and Sharmishta goes
Ragini tells everything to Sharmishta.
Sharmishta: Ragu i know Laksh loves u so much..he will keep u happy.
Ragini smiles

Laksh comes to Karthik
Laksh: accident ..well that ws good.
Karthik: Laksh..i know i got what i deserved
Laksh: well yes…
Karthik: thank u Laksh..after beating me like this ..u admitted me in a hospital..thats why i am alive
Laksh: thank Ragini for that..becoz i came there to kill u only..but then i thought about Ragini..thats why u r alive..now u have heard her right..so never ever come into her life again.
Karthik nodes his head in yes
Karthik goes.
Laksh turns and sees Shekhar standing there.
Laksh: woh..
Shekhar: no need to make any story..i have heard everything..
Laksh bends his head
Shekhar: i am sorry laksh i was wrong about u..
Laksh: pls dont say like that uncle..uncle i love Ragini ..i promise u i’ll keep her happy..till my last breath…pls..
Shekhar smiles
Laksh: can i consider that as yes from your side
Shekhar pats on Laksh’s shoulder..
Shekhar: if its yes from Ragini..then its yes from our side too
Shekhar and Laksh comes in
Laksh goes to Ragini
Laksh: Ragini like last time i dont want to say any cheesy lines i just want to say that i love u..will u marry me ?
Ragini: NO
Laksh: what!
Ragini(in mind): Sorry for this lie Laksh…i am really sorry
Shekhar: Ragu..Laksh is a
Ragini: no papa..i dont want to marry him..and pls laksh stop disturbing me like this.
Saying this Ragini goes to her room
Shekhar: Ragu beta..
Sharmishta: i’ll see
She goes behind Ragini
Shekhar: Laksh beta dont worry i’ll talk to her
Laksh: no uncle..dont..may be she never loved me..i’ll not trouble her any more uncle..bye take care
Saying he goes.
Sharmishta tells everything to Shekhar.
All are happy
FB Ends
Present day
Shekhar: Laksh is really sad
AP: i know Shekhar ji..but now i know he has changed a lot..feels like now he is more capable person.
All smiles.
Pari: Adarsh there is something wrong here
Adarsh: yh Daal mein kuch kaala hain
After some time marriage rituals start
Pari: now she can take off her ghungat na
Adarsh: haan..
AP and DP looks at each other helplessly
Adarsh: c’mon life her ghungat Laksh.
Laksh lifts her ghungat
Laksh is super shocked seeing Ragini
Ragini smiles sheepishly
Adarsh and Pari smiles.
Adarsh : yh ..we knew it
AP: these 2 na
Laksh faints
Ragini: Laksh..Laksh..
She shakes him
They carry Laksh to his room
DP: Adarsh call the doctor.
Ragini cries.
Ragini: pls Laksh wake up pls…
Doctor comes.
DR: Pls everyone wait outside let me check the patient
DR Comes out
Ragini: DR how is Laksh no..he will be ok right?
DR: See he is in very serious condition. He fainted becoz of some huge shock..so..
Ragini: what its all beause of me..
Ragini cries.
Shekhar consoles her
DR: U can meet him
Ragini runs to him
Ragini: Laksh pls i am sorry wake up Laksh
DP: Laksh
AP cries.
Shekhar and Sharmishta are also in tears
Ragini: pls wake up Laksh..i am sorry for all this Laksh..pls dont do this to me..I love u laksh..i really Love u i cant live without u
Laksh wakes.
Ragini: Laksh
Laksh sits.
All are a bit shocked
Laksh: did u say something Ragini madam
Ragini looks Laksh
Adarsha nd Pari starts laughing
All looks at them
Laksh smiles
Adarsh: what u all thought u all will make us fools huh
Pari: haan but see we made them fools
Laksh: hifi.
All are standing with a puzzled look
Laksh: Ragini madam u were saying something.
Ragini; that means u were acting huh?
Laksh: yh of course.
Ragini beats him
Ragini: idiot..do u know how much i was worried for u
Laksh hugs her
Ragini: i love u too
FB Starts
Adarsh and Pari and suspicious about the bride.
But everything becomes once they see Bubbly coming with her family
Pari: Adarsh look Bubbly
Adasrh: that means Bride is someone else
Pari: yh but who is it?
They goes to a room
And sees Shekhar and Sharmishta talking with AP & DP
They are shocked to see that the bride is Ragini
They informs this to Laksh.
Laksh: acha so very much planning and plotting.
Pari: yh but now its playback time
FB Ends
DP: Acha Adarsh u could said about this plan of urs to us right.
Pari: why appa..did u all said ur plans to us?
All smiles
Sharmishta: Muhurat is going ..
All leaves
Ragini: nautanki Maheshwari
Laksh: Shararathi Rathore..
They goes and sits in the madap.
Pandit starts the marriage rituals..
Laksh tie manglsutra across Ragini’s neck and fill her hairline with sindoor
Pandit: now u r husband and wife
All are happy
Laksh: finally Mrs Maheshwari
Ragini: Always..Mr Maheshwari
Author’s note
So another season of Jay Ghoomeya Thaare Jaisa Na Koyi ends here..I want to thank
Aamy di, Ammu chechi, Aleeza di, Anju di, Annn di, Anvesha di, Arjuna di, Ashly di, Asra di, Dharani di, Elizabethlovely di, Haripriya di, Jiyani di, Laashya dr, Lovely7 di, Malu di, Manisha di, Mishty di , Monisha di, Monu di, Nishu di, Pearly di, Pinky di, Raglak_fan di, Raglakian di, Rehna chechi, Sherin di, Shivanya di, Soumya dr, Thahseem di, Vini di, Vennila di & Zoya di
And sorry if i missed anyof ur names..and also to my silent readers..
Thank u all very much. In wattpad this story has secured #85th position under Raglak category. Thank u so much for all this my favourite squad u people are the best.
So as u all know this is the second season. And i am planning to start another season also..yh there will be a third season of this ff also. Well i have not decided when to start it..well i’ll let u all know it through its promo which i’ll be posting on December 2nd (on my birthday). I know its a very long gap but i am helpless guys..i hope u all will understand it..It feels like i have got a new family over here. Thank u so much for loving me and this story. I am going to miss u all very much.
So stay blessed Stay happy Stay healthy
Keep on smiling. Keep on reading.
U can msg me at any time. Always feel free to talk to me
Love u all
Take care have fun..
Adi 🙂

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