Swaragini-Jag Ghoomeya Thaare Jaisa Na Koyi Shot 4 Part 4

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Recap: Raglak spends time together
Raglak started going out together everyday.
Ragini also liked to spend tym with Laksh..
They became very good friends..
And Ragini is now no more a strict person.
She was learning to have fun
Together Raglak makes pranks on other employes
Raglak are having lunch in Ragini’s cabin
Laksh is sitting on Ragini’s chair..and he sees Ragini’s laptop’s wallpaper
Laksh: why this looser everywhere Ragini.
Ragini: Laksh one more word aganist him i’ll eat u raw.
Laksh burst out laughing seeing Ragini’s blood sot eyes
Ragini also starts laughing
Laksh: seriously yaar..this man..i dont like him at all
Ragini: arrey see he is so good..and his new look is awesome.
Laksh(in mind): bada aaya captain America
@Evening Raglak in the office
Ragini: yippee i won again.
Laksh: what ..anyway i didnt play seriously becoz i wanted u to win na
Ragini: acha bada ayaa..looser
Laksh: oh hello u have not won any championship trophy …u just won in snake and ladder.
Ragini: yh the same tym u lost to me all these tym ri8
Laksh: i dont play games tht kids play ok
Ragini: who said only kids play this..see anyone can play it.
Ragini smiles.
Laksh: ha ha..see tomorrow i’ll come prepared and i’ll win..
Ragini: lets see
Laksh: haan i’ll win
Ragini: u’ll never win
Laksh: what if i win, then will u stop chanting about tht Captain?
Ragini: thinks..
Ragini(sadly): ok but if i win then u’ll also have to become a Steve Rogers fan. Deal?
Laksh: ok done
Laksh wakes up the nxt day.
Voice: Good morning..
Laksh rubbing his eyes : Gud morning..
He opens his eyes and is shocked to see the person who is sitting infront of him
Laksh: Ragini!!!
Ragini smiles.
Laksh: u here and this tym..
Ragini comes and sits next to Lkash.
She keeps her hand on his face
Laksh closes his eyes..but when he opened his eyes she is not there
Laksh runs his fingers through his hair.
Laksh: main bhi na
Laksh comes down
He sees Ragini reading newspaper
Laksh: u here..wat r u doing here
But the person who was reading newspaper was not Ragini but it was
DP: This my house also Laksh Durgaprasad maheshwari.
Reality strikes laksh
Laksh: he..hee..i was joking papa..dont feel bad ok.
Laksh turns back and again sees Ragini there smiling at him.
He smiles and goes to kitchen
He sees Ragini cutting vegetables
But again tht is not actually Ragini its AP.
Laksh: what is happening to me today
Laksh goes to his room
After sometym
Ragini comes to MM
DP: Ragini beta come inside..
AP comes
AP: Ragu how r u beta?
Ragini touches their feet.
AP & DP blesses her.
Ragini: where is Laksh?
AP: He is in his room beta..u go and meet him
Ragini goes to Laksh’s room
Ragini knocks at the door..and door opens as it was not locked.
Ragini gets in
Ragini sees Laksh coming out wearing a towel
Ragini: chee..
She immediately close her eyes.
Laksh sees her but thinks its his imagination.
Ragini: r u dressed?
Lkash doesn’t say anything.
Ragini slowly opens her eyes..and sees him in the same way she closes her eyes again
Ragini: Laksh wear cloths..
Laksh looks at her.
Laksh comes to her.
Laksh: r u real?
Ragini: stop behaving like a complete idiot, idiot
Laksh realises she is actually there and he is not dreaming.
Laksh: opps sry Ragini..i’ll change ..
Laksh :ok done
Ragini opens her eyes..
Laksh: what yaar Ragini if u captain is shirtless its ok..
Ragini: dont u dare to compare u with my darling Steve
Laksh: waise y r u here?
Ragini: to tell u tht u r not going to office today
Laksh looks at Ragini
Laksh: and may i knw why?
Ragini: becoz u r coming to help me
Laksh: ok but wat help?
Ragini: woh tomorrow is Mishty’s and Shekhar papa’s wedding anniversary so i need ur help in tht. So will u help
Laksh: ofcourse yaar.
Laksh and Ragini comes down.
AP: Beta Ragini come and have breakfast
Ragini: oh no aunty..i had breakfast.
DP: Thts ok..u can have a lil bit
Laksh: come na Ragini.
Ragini: ok fine
Ragini helps AP in arranging the plates and serves food.
Ragini: aunty breakfast was really tasty
After that Raglak leaves..
The goes for shopping
Laksh: Ragini all arrangements are ready..
Ragini: thank u so much Laksh..
Laksh: ur wish is my command
Ragini smiles.
Laksh: lekin what about our game
Ragini: we will play baba
Laksh: what is happening to me..is it love..why i always want to see..i just dont want her to leave..why i always want to hear her voice..is it love?
AP: DP ji ..
DP: Yes AP
AP: i think tht girl with whom Laksh is in love is none other than Ragini
DP: What!!! No never Ragini is a smart girl iss kamine se kyun pyaar karengi?
AP: Do u knw DP ji everyone says woh aap par hi gaya hain
DP Glares at AP
AP giggles
AP: Acha ..now listen i have seen the way laksh looks at Ragu..with so much love and care..
DP: Like the way i look u..
AP Smiles.
Laksh comes
Laksh: what is going on romeo and Juliet?
DP Makes a stern face
DP: Laksh Durgaprasad Maheshwari come here ri8 now
Laksh gives a confussed look and goes near DP
DP: Tell me the name of the girl with whom u r in love
Laksh(in mind): oh god main toh iske bare mein bhool hi gaya tha
AP: But now we knw about tht girl
Laksh: really..who is it then?
DP: Tym aane pe btaunga
Laksh: but y
AP: Security issues.
DP & AD Burst out laughing..
Precap :Laksh proposes Ragini

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