Swaragini-Jag Ghoomeya Thaare Jaisa Na Koyi Shot 4 Part 3

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Recap: Laksh and Ragini becomes friends
Nxt day
Laksh reaches office at 9: 30. And the watchman does not allow him to go inside
Laksh: arrey pls kaka..let me in
Watchman : i cant do tht sir.
Ragini comes out and sees Laksh there.
Laksh sees Ragini and gives a sad smile.
Laksh imagines tht Ragini comes and lets him in but reality strikes back soon
Laksh(in mind): no way Laksh she is very strict ..she will not do anything of tht sort.
Ragini comes there.
Ragini: let him in uncle
Watchman: but beta see he is late

Ragini: thts ok
Saying this she smiles at Laksh and goes.
Watchman lets Laksh in
Laksh is shocked by Ragini’s act
Laksh goes to her cabin
Ragini: what happened Laksh?
Laksh: pinch me
Ragini: what?
Lkash: pinch me
Ragini pinches him
Laksh: ouch..tht means this is not any dream..

Ragini: Laksh..what happened?
Laksh: where is Ragini?
Ragini: what?..Laksh r u blind? Cant u see me standing infront of u?
Lkash: u cant be Ragini..becoz she never lets me enter her office this late..so tell me who are u.
Laksh puts on a serious expression
Ragini holds his collar
Ragini: Mr Maheshwari u tell me are u really stupid or ur acting skills are too good.
Ragini says this in a serious expression
Laksh hugs her
Ragini is surprised by his action

Laksh cups her face.
Laksh: thank god u r ok Ragini madam..i thought i lost u..glad ur back..bye
Saying this he goes.
Ragini murmers
After office.
Laksh comes to Ragini.
Laksh: so wats up?
Ragini: nothing..
Lkash: how boring Ragini.
Ragini: what.
Laksh: u

Ragini: Laksh!
Laksh: are u free now?
Ragini: yh but for what?
Laksh: answer me
Ragini: yh i am free now..
Laksh: perfect then come
Saying this Laksh drags Ragini along with him.
Ragini: Laksh ..but ..where r u taking me..acha let me lock my cabin
Laksh brings Ragini outside.
Laksh: so come lets go
Ragini: but where?

Laksh: its a surprise
Ragini: what surprise..
Laksh: Ragini..u’ll get to knw about it on our way..ok
Ragini: fine so here u go
Ragini throws her car keys to Lkash.
Laksh throws it back to Ragini
Ragini: what?
Laksh: we r not going in ur car

Ragini: then.
Laksh moves and shows his bike.
Ragini: no way..
Laksh: where there is a will there is a way.
Ragini: Laksh u r crazy.
Laksh: i knw tht.
Ragini smiles

Laksh starts the bike.
Ragini sits behind him without holding him
Laksh: Ragini hold on otherwise..
Ragini; otherwise what?
Laksh: i am going to speed up..
Ragini: Laksh…
But Laksh speeds up and due to this Ragini holds on to Laksh’s shoulders..and she closes her eyes due to fear.
Laksh sees her through the rear view mirror and smiles seeing her
They reaches the spot.
Laksh : now u can open ur eyes..
Ragini opens her eyes

Ragini: i was not closing my eyes ok
Laksh smiles nodding his head in yes
Ragini gets down
Laksh: welcome to xyz restaurant
Ragini is shocked to hear it

Ragini(stammering): restaurant?
Laksh: yh
Laksh holds Ragini’s hand
But Ragini does not move
Laksh: Ragini
Ragini stands silently
Laksh goes to her and shakes her
Laksh: where r u lost come..
Ragini: no i am not coming i dont want to come
Laksh: Ragini what is this yaar come..
Ragini: Laksh i am scared..

Laksh: for what..see why r u scared see i am with u na
Ragini: i knw but..
Laksh: no but wat..u r my friend na so u have to come
Ragini smiles at him
Ragini: ok..
They gets in
Ragini sits beside Laksh

They have dinner.
Laksh: so ice cream?
Ragini: i am so full
Laksh: but there is always a lil space for ice creams for vanilla for me
Ragini: ok then strawberry for me
They have their ice creams

Laksh drops Ragini at the office.
Laksh: so how was today?
Ragini: best day in my life. Thank u so much
Laksh smiles.
Nxt day after office tym
Ragini: so wats up?
Laksh: nothing..
Ragini: how boring Laksh.
Laksh: what.
Ragini: u
Laksh: Ragini!

Ragini: are u free now?
Laksh(imitating Ragini): yh but for what?
Ragini(imitating Laksh): answer me
Laksh: yh i am free now..
Ragini: perfect then come
Saying this Ragini drags Laksh along with him.
Laksh: ..but ..where r u taking me..
Ragini brings Laksh outside.
Ragini: so come lets go
Laksh: but where?
Ragini: its a surprise
Laksh: what surprise..
Ragini: u’ll get to knw about it on our way..ok

Laksh: ok feels like someone likes bike rides
Ragini smiles
Ragini: y hi love them but today we will give a lil rest for ur bike
Laksh gives a puzzled look to her
Ragini: what we will take auto..
Laksh acts like feeling dizzy
Laksh: oh my god i think Ragini is gone again.
Ragini: stop fooling around Laksh..come lets go.
They gets into auto.
They reaches a movie theatre

Laksh: seriously Ragini r we going to watch movie?
Ragini: yup
Laksh: that too avengers?
Ragini: yup
Laksh: i am feeling dizzy again
Ragini: stop it Laksh and come
Laksh: madam what about tickets?

Ragini; i have booked it already now come
They sits.
They watches the movie
Laksh: Ragini popcorn pls..
Ragini: Laksh sh.. dont talk
Laksh: its just a movie..
Ragini: shut up..see he is here
Laksh: who Ragini
Ragini: my hero Steve Roger..
Laksh: who the captain America
Ragini whistles during his entry
Laksh is shocked to see this side of Ragini.

But a smile appear on his face
After the movie.
Ragini: what a movie i loved it ..Laksh
Laksh; haan the movie was very good leaving tht Captain..he ruined it.
Ragini: a word aganist him and i’ll kill u.
Laksh: ok i not talking about him
Ragini smiles.
Lkash: so come
Ragini: can we have small walk
Laksh: Ragini i think u r going to give me a heart attack
Ragini: oh dont wry..

Laksh smiles.
They walk together..
The reach office.
Ragini: so how was today?
Lkash: bestest day in my life Thank u
Ragini smiles
Laksh is sitting in the sofa after dinner
Laksh remembers Ragini;s smiling face.
Lkash: ur smile makes u beautiful
Someone taps on his shoulder and he wakes up.
And tht person is none other than DP
DP: what r u talking Laksh whose smile is beautiful.

Lkash realises what he was saying.
Lkash: woh nothing..i was just saying..just like tht
Saying this he goes to his room
DP: AP ur son has gone mad

@Laksh’s room
Laksh(to himself): what is happening to u laksh..am in love ?
Precap: Laksh hates Steve

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