Swaragini-Jag Ghoomeya Thaare Jaisa Na Koyi Shot 4 Part 2

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Precap: Ragini is scared seeing someone
Ragini is still hugging him and sitting
Laksh: Ragini see its late..i think we should go home
Ragini: i am not going anywhere..pls dont leave me
Laksh: Ragini i’ll not leave u ok..i am with u.ok i’ll drop u home.
Ragini slightly nodes her head.
Lkash supports Ragini
Ragini gets up.
Laksh takes Ragini’s car
He sits on the driving seat and Ragini beside him
Ragini is still holding Laksh’s shirt.
Laksh drives to Ragini’s home.
They reaches GM
They gets down from the car
Sharmishta and Shekhar comes out
They are shocked to see Ragini in this state
Shekhar: Ragu beta what happened
Ragini hugs Shekhar and cries
Sharmishta: Ragu what happened ? Lkash what happened to her why is she crying..
Shekhar: first come in
Ragini sits with Shekhar and Sharmishta
Laksh: woh uncle she saw someone and then she begin to panic
Shekhar: who was it Ragu?
Ragini(weeping) : I saw him Shekhar papa. I saw him
Sharmishta: who bacha.
Ragini: my past.
Shekhar looks at Sharmishta
Sharmishta: no beta how can this be possible
Ragini: no Mishtu i have seen him its him only..
Shekhar consoles Ragini.
Shekhar: its ok..u dont have to be scared of him. I’ll not let anything to harm u my child.
Shekhar takes her upstairs.
Lkash: aunty i think i should leave now.
Sharmishta: oh no beta..see its already late do one thing today u stay here
Laksh: no its ok aunty i have my bike at office
Sharmishta: its ok beta its late na u stay here..and thank u bet for taking care of our Ragini.
Lkash smiles.
Sharmishta: come i’ll show u ur room
Laksh informs DP tht he will not b coming home today
Ragini is standing near the windows
Laksh comes there to drink water and sees her.
Laksh: Ragini u have not slept yet?
Ragini looks at Laksh and nodes no
Ragini: i am not getting sleep
(Soft bgm from hasee toh phase plays in the background)
Laksh: and y r u not getting sleep?
Ragini: i dont knw Laksh..i think i am scared.
Laksh: why r u scared Ragini? Look at me. U are very strong u get tht
Ragini(crying): i am not strong enough to handle this Laksh
Laksh hugs her.
Ragini hugs him back
Lkash: Ragini u are the strongest person i have ever seen
Ragini doesn’t say anything
Laksh: now come its already late u need to sleep now.
Lkash takes Ragini to her room
He makes her lie on the bed.
Ragini holds Laksh’s hand
Lkash sits on the bed and slightly pat on Ragini’s forehed.
After sometym Ragini falls asleep
Lkash looks at her.
He removes hair from her face.
And gently plants a kiss on her forehead
Laksh: gud ni8 Ragini.
Lkash gos to kitchen and drinks water.
The he comes back to his room
Laksh(in mind): is it the same Ragini i knw? Or is this someone else? Why is she bothering me a lot..When she was crying why did my heart pained? Why cant i see her in tears..what is happeneing to me
He remembers Pari’s words.
FB starts
Pari: : Lucky kahi aisa na ho ki tumhare yeh hateness pyaar main na badle
Fb ends
Laksh smiles..
@ Morning
Ragini knocks at Laksh’s door
Laksh comes and opens the door
Lkash: Ragini..u here what happened?
Ragini: woh coffee..i came to give u coffee
Laksh: u made coffee for me?
Ragini nodes her head in yes
Laksh smiles
Laksh: thank u
Ragini: actually its me who have to say thank u to u..thank u so much yday u helped me a lot
Laksh: what is the need of saying Thank u we are friends ri8?
Ragini: Friends?
Laksh smiles and forwards his hand
Ragini shakes his hand
Ragini: Friends
Precap: Laksh in love

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