Swaragini-Jag Ghoomeya Thaare Jaisa Na Koyi Shot 4 Part 2

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Precap: Ragini is scared seeing someone
Ragini is still hugging him and sitting
Laksh: Ragini see its late..i think we should go home
Ragini: i am not going anywhere..pls dont leave me
Laksh: Ragini iโ€™ll not leave u ok..i am with u.ok iโ€™ll drop u home.
Ragini slightly nodes her head.
Lkash supports Ragini
Ragini gets up.
Laksh takes Raginiโ€™s car
He sits on the driving seat and Ragini beside him
Ragini is still holding Lakshโ€™s shirt.
Laksh drives to Raginiโ€™s home.
They reaches GM
They gets down from the car
Sharmishta and Shekhar comes out
They are shocked to see Ragini in this state
Shekhar: Ragu beta what happened
Ragini hugs Shekhar and cries
Sharmishta: Ragu what happened ? Lkash what happened to her why is she crying..
Shekhar: first come in
Ragini sits with Shekhar and Sharmishta
Laksh: woh uncle she saw someone and then she begin to panic
Shekhar: who was it Ragu?
Ragini(weeping) : I saw him Shekhar papa. I saw him
Sharmishta: who bacha.
Ragini: my past.
Shekhar looks at Sharmishta
Sharmishta: no beta how can this be possible
Ragini: no Mishtu i have seen him its him only..
Shekhar consoles Ragini.
Shekhar: its ok..u dont have to be scared of him. Iโ€™ll not let anything to harm u my child.
Shekhar takes her upstairs.
Lkash: aunty i think i should leave now.
Sharmishta: oh no beta..see its already late do one thing today u stay here
Laksh: no its ok aunty i have my bike at office
Sharmishta: its ok beta its late na u stay here..and thank u bet for taking care of our Ragini.
Lkash smiles.
Sharmishta: come iโ€™ll show u ur room
Laksh informs DP tht he will not b coming home today
Ragini is standing near the windows
Laksh comes there to drink water and sees her.
Laksh: Ragini u have not slept yet?
Ragini looks at Laksh and nodes no
Ragini: i am not getting sleep
(Soft bgm from hasee toh phase plays in the background)
Laksh: and y r u not getting sleep?
Ragini: i dont knw Laksh..i think i am scared.
Laksh: why r u scared Ragini? Look at me. U are very strong u get tht
Ragini(crying): i am not strong enough to handle this Laksh
Laksh hugs her.
Ragini hugs him back
Lkash: Ragini u are the strongest person i have ever seen
Ragini doesnโ€™t say anything
Laksh: now come its already late u need to sleep now.
Lkash takes Ragini to her room
He makes her lie on the bed.
Ragini holds Lakshโ€™s hand
Lkash sits on the bed and slightly pat on Raginiโ€™s forehed.
After sometym Ragini falls asleep
Lkash looks at her.
He removes hair from her face.
And gently plants a kiss on her forehead
Laksh: gud ni8 Ragini.
Lkash gos to kitchen and drinks water.
The he comes back to his room
Laksh(in mind): is it the same Ragini i knw? Or is this someone else? Why is she bothering me a lot..When she was crying why did my heart pained? Why cant i see her in tears..what is happeneing to me
He remembers Pariโ€™s words.
FB starts
Pari: : Lucky kahi aisa na ho ki tumhare yeh hateness pyaar main na badle
Fb ends
Laksh smiles..
@ Morning
Ragini knocks at Lakshโ€™s door
Laksh comes and opens the door
Lkash: Ragini..u here what happened?
Ragini: woh coffee..i came to give u coffee
Laksh: u made coffee for me?
Ragini nodes her head in yes
Laksh smiles
Laksh: thank u
Ragini: actually its me who have to say thank u to u..thank u so much yday u helped me a lot
Laksh: what is the need of saying Thank u we are friends ri8?
Ragini: Friends?
Laksh smiles and forwards his hand
Ragini shakes his hand
Ragini: Friends
Precap: Laksh in love

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