Swaragini- Jab Sanskar met Ragini Episode 6

Hiya people…..here is the next part of JSMR
Ragsanlak are sitting in swaragini’s room chatting…well raglak are chatting and sanskaar is fuming looking at their bonding. Ragini used to say a word or two in Malayalam for sanskar and told laksh in his ear after which they used to guffaw …and bichaara sanskar hitting his forhead in frustration.

Sanskar (in mind ): A day will come when this laksh will forget me and call this orange kurti as his best friend…ahhhhh…she will make me mad some day…it’s better that I go out for my sanity.
Sanskar moves out in the balcony and sees a lone figure coming inside the hostel gate….with slow steps…It didn’t take him long to figure out that it was swara and even less to figure out that something is wrong with her.
Sanskaar goes inside the room and sees them laughing over some lame joke
Laksh:kya yaar laado…U are too much…
To which ragini chuckles

Sanskar (seriously): lucky…..it’s shone
Seeing sanskar’s expressions laksh’s laughter fades away
Ragini is confused but understands that something is wrong with her shona
Sanlak knew that where would shona be….the hostel terrace…they run towards the terrace with ragini following them.
Trio reach there and see swara’s back…she was facing the railing.
Sanlak go to her and keep their hands on her each shoulder which breaks swara out of her trance …..she looks towards them and starts crying badly…sanlak are shocked but they engulf her in their hug.

Ragini is glued to her place…she never imagined that she would see swara this weak.
Swara (crying): u were ryt lucky…he never loved me….I was the only one who was serious but he was just passing his time….He broke my heart lucky he broke my heart.
Now sanlak understood what was the matter….ever since swara started going out with this vishal person they had this strong feeling that he was not the correct guy for her…rather he was just using her as a time pass.
Ragini was angry and shocked

Ragini (in mind): engane ayalku ingane perumaran pattum (how can someone be this inhuman)
Ragini was boiling in rage
However one person affected more than swara was laksh….he was crying very badly but swara and sanskaar were not focusing but…
Inspite of boiling in rage…….ragini saw the connection between swalaksan especially b/w swalak..she could see hoe broken laksh was and could see a rage in his eyes as if he was planning to hit vishal for what he did

Ragini (in mind): Pakshe entho ennik thonunnu ith evar randu perum ..pakshe ippo nyan ithu chothicha ivarude friendship thakarum…venda ippo venda..adyam Swara onnu normal akate ( does he????…I hope I am not wrong both are perfect for each other but what if??? I don’t want to spoil their friendship…but how to find out…well that’s later…first we have to calm down swara)
Ragini goes towards swara and keeps a hand on her..swalaksan break their hug and look at her…ragini’s eyes were brimming with tears…ragini shook her head in no……and swara hugged her
Ragini (caressing her):shhhh…shona…..please…relax…don’t cry…he wasn’t worth it…..mat ro na….u will definitely find your soulmate…my papa says….there is one person made for all of us who is our true love , our soul mate , our best friend. That person was not yours…don’t waste these precious tears for him…..and who knows he is with you only but u don’t realize it now???
Swara: thanks ragini…for making me feel better

Sanskar in order to lighten the mood
Sanskaar: oyye shona…u forgot me and lucky in front of this orange kurti….hamara kya???
Ragini:khadoos insaan…dare u call me that??
Sanskaar:I will call u that..what will u do?
Ragini: I will…I will…haan..I will cut your nose and then your ears and then everyone will call u Male shrupnakha….
Swara starts laughing at her this statement and ragsanlak are relieved seeing her better.
Laksh: Sanskar is a real pottan (idiot) ri8 Laado
Raglak starts to laugh..
Swara: what does tht mean

Laksh tells Swara its meaning
Swara also starts laughing
Sanskar was erked at her but because of swara and didn’t say anything to her.
Swalakragsan start to go down but ragini stops him….

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