Swaragini- Jab Sanskar met Ragini Episode 4


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The next part…..
Ragini is standing at the college gate wearing a simple kurta and jeans and a hand bag. She enters the college nervously.
Ragini: ente eshvara ennu evide ente adyathe divas am aanu ellam nalathaayi nadakane (god ji please be with me…Its my first day…nthng bad should happen).
A group of students is standing near the ground chatting
Boy:waise guys today is the first day of college ….freshers will come…a golden opportunity for ragging
Boy 2: No yaar pulkit….no ragging otherwise my best friends will not leave me
Pulkit: u are afraid ????? U the great sanskaar malhotra is afraid of….
Sanskaar:hey they are not normal as u think….
Pulkit:but then also…u were the one naa who ragged seniors on his first day posing as the alumni of this college….and now guys look at him…such a scaredy cat he is now
Sanskaar’s ego was hurt at this and he scowled
Sanskaar:ok…if you people think this….then lets go…and the first fresher we see..we will rag him…but haan agar I am caught u all are going down with me
Everyone gulped at this because they knew who he is talking about. For once they can manao the authorities but those two?????…..not even in dream if they caught anyone ragging…whole college knows them for this. ( u guys will get to know soon whom they are talking off)
( sanskaar day dreams him running all over the college and those two running behind him with sticks beating him)
Pulkit:arey but they are not even there in college…so lets do it naa maza aayega
Everyone had a sigh of relief at this.
And they went towards the college gate
Pulkit:hey dekho…that girl
He said pointing towards a girl in orange kurta…….
Pulkit :hey u…girl in orange kurta
The girl stops nervously and points fingers towards herself
Pulkit:yes u…come here
The girl slowly walks towards them and stands near them(she cannot see sanky because he has his back towards her)
Pulkit:are u a fresher here??
The girl nods
Pulkit:your name?
Girl:ragini (she said in a whispering tone)
Pulkit:what???…I didn’t hear u
Girl: Ragini Krishnakumar
Pulkit:alryt…..so ragini….we are your seniors……and u have to do something for us?
Pulkit:u will have to….
Voice: wait guys….what’s the hurry???
The boy whose back was shown till now turns and his face is shown…..he is none other than sanskaar
The wind starts blowing making ragini’s hair flow …sanskaar was mesmerized seeing her…but pulkit nudged him and he came back to reality.
Sanskar: hey u…what is your name??….haan ragini
Ragini: yes???
Sanskaar:first tell me about yourself
Ragini: why do you want to know about me?
Sanskar: do not question me…..just do what I said
Ragini: My name is ragini krishnakumar…I have come from kerala here to study…
Sanskaar: bas bas….this much is enough
Ragini was very pissed off right now..she had not expected her first day to start like this.
Meanwhile swalak enter the college and start looking for ragini
Swara:lucky yaar..where is she??…I wanted her to come with me so that I can introduce her to our gang
Laksh:don’t worry yaar shone…she must be here only
Then laksh sees something
Laksh:shone….see there isn’t she laado????
Swara:arre haan she is there….but who is she talking to???
Swalak move forward and are shocked to see the person
Swalak (in unison): ohh nooooo
And they run towards them…
At ragsan’s side…
Sanskar:haan toh….now u should sing ……
Sanskaar: yes…and not just any song…u should sing praising me
Ragini (mumbling ): ninte mukham idichu pancharkum (muh naa tod dun iska )
Sanskaar: what did u say???
Ragini: ahhh…nothing..bas u didn’t tell me your name?
Sanskaar: ohh mee…I am the great sanskaar malhotra….your senior
Ragini (in mind): …peru Sanskar pakshe pravarthi perinte opposite(name is sanskaar but kaam asanskari)
She then looks behind and see swalak coming …laksh actions her something which she doesn’t understand but decides to stay quiet
Sanskaar:arre….start singing…I want to hear u sing praising me
Voice (together ): hum batayen???
The color of sanskaar and his friends fade away and they turn to find swalak standing now in front of them
Ragini is confused looking at this
Sanskaar: shona …..lucky….when did u come??? He says sheepishly
All others run away
Sanskaar: arre where are u people going now???
He sees swalak passing him death glares and ragini is still confused…..
Swara:haan toh Mr. sanskaar malhotra….hum batayen
Sanskaar: no no..shona …main toh bas aise hi mazak kar raha thha
Laksh: ohh really…ragging joke??? Kabse???
Sanskaar again has the same dream .
( Now u guys know who he was talking about )
Sanskaar comes out of it scared to death …and falls on their feet …hands folded
Sanskaar : lucky shona ..am sorry…please…who toh pulkit said…
Ragini: shona lucky
Sanskaar is shocked hearing the names shona and lucky from her mouth
Laksh : haan laado
Ragsan (together ): how do u both know him / her?
Laksh : he is mine and shona’s best friend
Swara:and she is my roommate
Ragsan: what!!!!!!!!
They shriek at top of their voices
Sanskaar:this orange kurti is your roomie??
Ragini: and this khadoos your best friend????
Ragsan : ohh…nooooo….
The screen freezes at ragsan’s angry and shocked faces & swalak’s amused and confused faces

Precap: RagSan

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