Swaragini- Jab Sanskar met Ragini Episode 2

Hiya peeps…how are u all??
Missed me???…well I missed you all a lot…as u all know that this ff is collaboration of me and choti ( aditi ayansh)……here goes the next part
Ragini is sitting in her room and thinking about her new roomie
Suddenly a girl in her bath robe and a towel on her head comes out from where ragini figured out to be the attached bathroom….the girl doesn’t see ragini .
But ragini is gaping at her with wide eyes and an open mouth
Ragini:Ethu aano ente puthiya roommate ishwara enne rakshikane pakshe e aal entha evide ( is this my new room mate…oh god help me…but how can she be here)
The girl turns on music with a loud volume….the song baby doll starts playing and the girl starts dancing like mad and side by side drying her hair.
She takes a hair brush and imagining it to be a mike starts singing along with the music on top of her voice and copies the steps of the song.
Someone’s mobile starts ringing which turns out to be that girl’s …..she turns off the song and picks up her phone
Girl: yes lucky…am almost ready just coming in 5 minutes …don’t worry…
Ragini widens her eyes at her this statement…and looks at her from top to bottom in bath robe , wet hair , chappals and suppresses a laugh.
The girl finally turns and looks at ragini…..she goes green in embarrassment and bites her lips nervously
Ragini still wide eyed and gaping at her…
Girl : what are u gaping at?
Ragini:Sry onnumilla nyan evide adyamayita varunne (nothing …sorry …am new here)
Girl: huhh???
Ragini: ohh sorry ….I am ragini …..am new here
Ragini: and u are?
Girl : ohh yaa….hi…I am swara gaodia..this is my room
The girl is revealed to be swara
Ragini (in mind):Oo apo ithu aanu Swara (so this is swara)
Ragini: hi then we are roomies…This is my room too
Swara: ohh hi ragini…nice meeting you….and it will be nice to have a roommate now….last year I was all alone
Ragini: even I hope the same
Swara: waise can I call u laado…U know I have a habit of calling everyone by a nickname
Ragini: of course sure..u may
Ragini (in mind): Laado kollalo….swara kuzhapakriallanu thonnunu (laado….nice name…she is a nice girl)
Ragini: and what should I call u?
Swara: u can call me shona….all my friends call me that
Ragini: okay shona
Swara: waise are u a south Indian?
Ragini: yes…I am a malayali…but how do you know?
Swara:just now u spoke south Indian language so I just guessed
Ragini:ohhh yesss…silly me that was malayalam language
Swara:will u teach it to me…I want to learn to speak it
Ragini:ohh yes…I will….by the way …..where are u from?
Swara: well I am a delhiite only…my parents live here only…that’s why I don’t come here often…I took this hostel room….so that I could see what hostel life was like
Ragini smiles uncertainly
Swara: crazy naa???
Ragini: well no no…its alright
Both smile looking at each other….
Both start talking to each other telling about themselves……unaware of the hurricane about to enter in ragini’s life

Precap : Laksh Maheshwari


  1. Fenil


    |Registered Member

    Oky oky so this is next chappy.
    Well written by u guys.
    Care free swara and lil uncomfortable Ragini.
    Aww Swara gave nick name in the very first meeting only.
    Can’t wait for the Laksh and Sanskar(i d k Shanky is there or not)entry.

  2. AMkideewani


    |Registered Member

    Superb Sweety Jaan and Adi Jaan❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I missed you💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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