Swaragini- Jab Sanskar met Ragini Episode 3

Hi everyone hope u all enjoying reading this ff..by me Aditi Ayansh (A B Gopika) and Jayu didu(Jayanti)..we r getting many comments thank u so much..so here goes another episode of JSMR..so keep smiling stay blessed have fun be healthy..tk cr love u all..and keep reading keep commenting everyone
Adi & Jayanti(Jayu didu)
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Recap: Ragini meets Swara
Suddenly they hear a knock at the door
Ragini: looks on
Swara: i’ll see Laado.
Swar goes and opens the door
Swara: Lucky..
Swara hugs him..
Ragini widens her eyes seeing this.
The person comes inside.

Swara: Lucky this is Laado..
He looks at Ragini.
Swara: i mean Ragini..well Laado meet Lucky..Laksh Maheshwari.
The person is revealed to be Laksh Maheshwari played by Namish
Laksh comes to Ragini.
Laksh: hi Ragini i am Laksh.
Ragini: hi..nice to meet u Laksh
Swara: so she is my new roomie..and hey she is a south Indian.
Laksh: oh so u r a malayali Ragini
Ragini: yh ..
Laksh: so from where r u

Ragini: Kerala
Laksh: oh..i am from Delhi
Ragini smiles.
Swara: Lucky where is the assignment?
Lucky: no worries Shona Sanky haina.
Swara: Lucky sit Laado was telling her Kerala stories
Laksh: ok then tell me also..i am also interested.

Ragini: sure Laksh.
Laksh: its Lucky for friends ri8 Shona.
Swara: haan Laado
Ragini: then Lucky its Laado not Ragini.
Laksh: areey waah
3 Of them laughs
They starts chit chatting.

After some tym
Swara phone starts ringing.
Swara looks at the callers name and smiles she takes the phone.
Swara: 1 min guys..
She goes near the window and talks
Ragini looks on
Laksh: thts her boyfriend
Ragini smiles

Laksh: hey i like ur smile
Ragini smiles again
Laksh: haaye..Ragini opps sry Laado how to say tht i love the way u smile in Malayalam?
Ragini thinks
Ragini: eenik nee chirikunathu kanaan valare ishtamanu (i love the way u smile)
Laksh: oh its difficult..
Ragini: try it i’ll help u
Laksh: so from now on u r my Malayalam guru
Ragini smiles
Laksh: eenik nee chirikunathu kanaan ishtamanu (i love the way u smile)
Ragini: wow Lucky..u learnt it so fast
Laksh: what to do Laado..ok tell me u knw hindi?

Ragini; haan thoda thoda maloom hain (i knw little bit)
Laksh: no worries baaki main sikha dunga(i’ll teach u the rest)
They both shake hands and smiles.
Swara comes and sees this
Swara: Lucky kuch der main phone karne kya gayi u started flirting with her
Laksh: what to do she is beautiful..
Swara: i knw tht..now come lets go..
Laksh: yh
Swara: Laado are u coming?
Laksh: haan aao na Laado
Ragini: no its ok u guys go..

Laksh: ok..hasta la vista baby
Swara: pagal
Swalak leaves
Ragini: naale 1st day ..(tomorrow is my first day)
Ragini takes out a orange kurta.
Ragini: naale ithu idaam (tomorrow i’ll wear this)
Precap: Someone rags Ragini…Sanskar Malhotra


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  2. Asra


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    awesome dear…loved it alot…ohh ragu malayala guru laksh s hindi guru wow…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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    Good chappy once again.
    Mera enni enni venni hi ho gaya read karte waqt buddy will u help me ?:P:P:P:D:D
    Awww moment ,Lucky ,haye ragini :$:$:*:*

    • Aditi.Ayansh



      Thank u so much buddy..what is this enni enni venni huh? well no worries dheere dheere seekh jaaonge and hum zaroor aapka help karenge and sry for late reply..keep on reading πŸ™‚

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