Swaragini-Jab Sanskar Met Ragini Episode 15

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Recap: Sanskar says no to Ragini

Next day

Sanskar comes to girls hostel

Sanskar(in mind): i’ll tell u everything today Ragini..i’ll tell u how much i love u..

Sanskar goes in.

He sees Ragini’s room locked from outside.

Sanskar: its locked.

Sanskar comes out and calls Swara.

Swara: haan Sanky what happened?

Sanskar: Shona yaar did Ragini told u anything about going anywhere

Swara: no why? What happened?

Sanskar: her room is locked.

Swara: locked? I dont know what happened..ok wait there i’ll come with Laksh..ok

Swara and laksh reaches there.

Laksh: where r u Laddo?

Swara: have u tried her number?

Sanskar: yh her phone is switched off

Swara: where are u..

A girl comes to Swara.

Girl: Swara?

Swara: oh Naina ..guys she is Laddo’s classmate.

Naina : hi…woh Swara Ragini asked me to infrom u that she has gone to her home.

Swara: what? But why

Naina: actually her phone is not working so she could nt call and inform u ..

Swara: what..ok thank u

Naina goes.

Sanskar’s face fall

Swara: Sanky yaar c’mon..

Sanskar: its all my mistake i should have told this to her yesterday itself…she will be broken..maybe thats why she went back.

Naina comes back.

Naina: Swara she also asked me to wish u all best of luck for ur next exam

SwaLakSan looks at each other.

Laksh: ho yaar we have exam tomorrow.

Swara: Sanky we will sort it out after the exam..now u go and prepare for it ok..pls

Sanskar nodes his head in yes.


After exam

Sanskar: now our exams are also over

Swara: Sanky i tried calling her but..

Laksh: even i tried yaar.

Sanskar: now what will we do

Swara: we can do one thing.

Sanlak looks at her

Swara: i have our room’s spare keys..maybe we can find something which helps us to get to Laado

Laksh: thats a good idea come

Sanskar Swara and Laksh goes to Ragini and Swara’s room

Swara opens the door.

Swara: oh god what is this?

Sanskar and Laksh are also shocked to see this.

The room is very clean

And there is not even one thing that belonged to Ragini

Sanskar: Shona..

They 3 searches ..

Laksh: Laado took away everything belonged to her..

Swara: but why ..thats what i dont understand.

Sanskar: its all my fault..

Laksh consoles him

Sanskar: Lucky she might be very angry with me..since i refused her right

Laksh: Sanky calm down.


1 week later

Sanskar s very sad

Swara: Sanky its ok..she will anyway come back right at that time we will all talk.

Laksh: haan yaar Sanky Listen to Shona..

Swara: Lucky u drop Sanky to his home.

Laksh goes.



Laksh and Swara are sitting in a park

Laksh: what did Sanky tell u?

Swara: i asked him to come with us..but he was not at all ready..so i thought to leave him alone for some time.

Laksh: bechara

Swara: he is really upset.

Swara phone rings.

Swara: unknown number

Laksh: take it

Swara: hello who is this?

Voice: Shonaa…

Swara: LAADO?

Laksh look at her

Swara: Laado is it u?

Ragini: hlo Shona yh its me..how was ur exam?

Swara: leave all this where are u..hlo can u hear me there is lot of disturbance

Ragini: sorry yaar Shona woh these people..ouch..

Swara: Laado..what is happening there?

Ragini: Sorry yaar woh my phone is not working Thats why i could not inform u

Swara: where r u now? Whose number is this?

Ragini: Kerala..its my cousin’s phone….its my…

Swara: Laado..

Ragini: marriage..yaar i’ll call u after some time.

Ragini dissconnects the call

Laksh: what happened Shona?

Swara: it was Laado who called..there was lot of disturbance and everything she said was not clear..but i think i heard she telling its her marriage

Laksh: what? How can this happen we need to stop her.

Swara: yes..she said she will call back..

Laksh: how will we tell this to Sanky?

Swara: no dont tell him anything now.

After some time.

Swara: Laado is calling

Ragini: hlo Shona can u hear now?

Swara: yh Laado. So is it ur marriage?

Ragini: what? No its not my marriage its my cousin’s marriage ..and my family members informed me that day after u went to meet Lucky. And my stupid phone also was not working. So thats why i could not tell u..hey how is everyone there?

Swara: all are good.

Ragini: Shona lot of hungamas are going on here will call u once my phone is back ok.

Swara: ok..

Swara disconnects the call

Swara: thnk god Lucky its not Laado’s marriage

Laksh; come i guess u have lots to tell ..to Sanky

Swalak smiles.


Precap: Adventure begins now

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