Swaragini its my love

Its princess again guys… I’m using myself to write my new one shot guys…
I have joined myself with the cast of Swaragini…
Let’s start…
OMG!!! I just can’t believe that I’m marrying my childhood love today… Sanskar… But my bachelor life is gonna end…suddenly I heard a knock on the door… It is badima… She took me to the mandap and made me sit and said “beta… Don’t become nervous” I just shook my head and sat… Sanskar didn’t yet arrive the mandap… My eyes were searching for him… And finally he came and sat beside me… I saw Swara and Ragini coming and I waved them hi… They too came to the mandap and stood beside mom… Laksh was standing near sanskar… Sanskar didn’t even look at me once and he was just doing the rituals… We took the Saath pheraas and he made me wear the mangalsutra and he filled my maang with sindoor… And the pandit announced that our marriage was fulfilled… Soon everyone disposed and I was taken to sanskar’s room and I changed my dress and went to the kitchen to help badima mom and Pari Bhabhi with the works…
While going I eyed sanskar was talking to laksh and was sad I didn’t know why… All of us had our dinner and after all the works were done I flew to my room and sanskar was changing his dress… I silently went to the wash room and came back and
I: sanskar what happened??? Why are u so gloomy???
Sanskar: nothing Shagun
I: is that so?? Don’t lie Yaar won’t you tell me??
He suddenly screamed at me ” nothing” and he slept on the couch… I was in bed weeping… I have never seen him like this in these 10 years… I wasn’t able to sleep properly… I am an orphan the maheshwari’s adopted me and grew me up… Laksh Swara sanskar and Ragini were my childhood friends.. I wasn’t able to sleep the whole night and the next morning I rushed to laksh and asked if anything sanskar is hiding but he just told nothing…
Days passed and sanskar didn’t talk much to me.. And one day I…
I: sanskar what happened why aren’t you talking to me these days???
Sanskar: nothing like that Shagun
And he left from there
While going to the hall I heard sanskar talking to Swara
Sanskar: Swara… I love you Yaar and I don’t love her plz understand
Swara: sanskar but she loves you and sanskar your family married her to you… Plz sanskar you shouldn’t do it with her she hasn’t got anything in her life except you plz accept the truth and her also… Good bye…
Sanskar: Swara listen…
I was shell shocked hearing this and I broke down… And I ran to my room and while running I bumped into laksh to whom I told everything and to my surprise he knew all that…
That night I confronted sanskar…
I: sanskar do u luv Swara ???
Sanskar: huh???
I: plz answer me…
Sanskar: yes…
I: (almost breaking down) u should have told me na???
Sanskar: I’m sorry..
I: do you luv me???
Sanskar: I dunno
I ran to the washroom and started breaking down… I cried my heart out… I came out and packed my bags and wrote a letter stating that I don’t want to live with sanskar anymore… And left the home and I went to Mumbai and worked in a school as an English teacher and after some days I came to know that I was pregnant… I was nine months pregnant… One day I heard a door bell and I opened the door and found sanskar standing there… I was shocked to see him..
I: sanskar!?? You???
Sanskar: hmmm me
I: but how ??? Did u marry swara??
Sanskar: nope…
I: then???
Laksh: I married her…
Swara too came and explained me everything that they realised their real love after sanskar’s Marriage… Sanskar said that he loved me a lot but just didn’t know to express it…we reunited and he took me back home and did my godh baraiy
After that sanskar loved me a lot…

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  1. Lol….wishing u dat u will find ur “sanskar” soon.!

    1. I hope too… Hope

  2. Y didnt u unite swasan??

  3. I didn’t get so much things here anyhow nice concept & real fact..

  4. awesome i loved it becoz of ur wonderful writing and also becoz there is no swasan means diff lead role

  5. Plz writers i have a request that plz don’t use my name but i like ur os

  6. Its gud….bt i wish u wud hav made it episodes and written it wud be a bang on…princess……

  7. sanskar and shagun???? I dint understand howz shagun pregnant??? And wat u said? Ur joining swaragini cast explain prply princess……..

  8. Wow i love it princess great job

  9. I have a request can u write a one shot on me plz because i don’t know how to write i mean where to write plz its a kindly request

  10. Princess one more thing from the first day after marriage sanskar was not properly talking with u then how come u got pregnant n also u didn’t have ur nuptial night then

  11. I had d same thought

  12. Guys I’m sorry for the confusion and all… I was quite sleepy that time so I collapsed it guys… I’ll soon write this story as episodes of you don’t mind… Ok is it ok????

  13. Any one cam teach me how to submit fan fiction in telly update plz help me

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