Swaragini-Ishq Bulava…..Episode 2


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Swara’s intro and Laksh ignoring Ragini for Swara

Laksh:Swara you are the brightest student in the institute what doubt you have

Swara:What can I do sir…when you teach na I’m not able to concentrate…What to do….app itna handsome hi

Ragini fumes to hear all this and goes and stands next to Swara

Laksh:Oh really Swara…OK then from tomorrow I’ll wear a parda and teach OK…(he laughs)

Swara(Laughs):Yes sir

Ragini: Swara aren’t you ashamed of yourself your flirting with someone 8 years elder than you and that to a professor…. I don’t know what you rich girls have this attitude…..Don’t know wether parents gave birth to her…….

Swara becomes sad listening to all this and is on the verge of tears… And leaves from there without saying anything

Laksh gets sad seeing her and was about to ask Ragini something but….then leaves as a professor calls him

Even in the classes Swara does not make any eye contact with anyone….No one has scolded her this was and Laksh also misses their small cute eyelocks during lecture….???

After College

Laksh:Ragini you should not have spoken to her like that….she is a kid only 19 years old

Ragini: OK laksh she is more important than your friend Na OK then go…..

Ragini goes…….but Laksh pulls her by her wrist….she turns and lands with her hands on Laksh’s chest

Ragini looks at him lovingly….Laksh dosent feel anything

Laksh:Ragini understand Na yaar…..you are my friend that’s why I’m telling you all this….you know na that other than you I have no one…

Ragini:Really Laksh…..OK then I forgave you and I’ll not speak to her like that

Evening @ Swara’s house…..

Mom:Swara you take care OK

Swara:OK ma but dad is he also going?

Mom:Haan Swara he already left…I just waited to get you signatures

Swara:Oh ok maa but chachu chaachi at least they will be there Na….

Mom:Swara stop behaving insane they left for London just 4hrs back they will only come back after a year

Swara:(Sadly):Ill miss you maa don’t go na please

Mom:Swara…. stop this non sense and my friend’s son is coming over here for a week…..his house renovation is going on so he will stay here only for some 10 15 days and I forgot to tell you….our trip has been extended so take care and bye

Saying so she left Swara to live by herself

Swara:What is the use of such a big house when no one is with me….why God why do you do this to me……even I want to sleep on my mama’s lap…..play with dad…but no…will no one love me the way I want….?!

Suddenly calling Bell rings

Swara opens the door and is shocked to see Laksh there

Laksh:Ha……hai Swaaaa….ra

Swara embarrassed coz she was wearing only shorts and s sleeveless fitted t shirt……

Swara:Sii….r you here…?

Laksh:Ya this is Mrs.Priya Malhotra’s house rite?

Swara: Oh you are the friend’s son come in feel at home.

Laksh:Thanks Swara…vo actually

Swara:Sir its OK no explanation needed

Laksh:Thanks Swara can you show me my room?


She takes him to his room…..some thing hits her and she was about to fall….but Laksh catches her……ISHQ BULAVA plays in the background…they share an intense eye lock and then…..compose themselves….

Laksh:OK Swara…I’ll see you for dinner bye

Swara:Bye And runs to her room..

Laksh:Pagal ladki….par mujhe to yeh achi lagti hain……arrey yaar shut up

In Swara’s room

She is jumping on the bed she is happy because at last she dosent have to stay alone…



Laksh: Swara….let’s have dinner
Swara: Hi sir OK
Laksh:So what’s for dinner
Swara:Maggi…..that’s what I know to make sorry?

Laksh:That’s OK but cook?

Swara:Vo ramu kaka’s daughter is graduation so he has taken leave

Laksh:Ya OK I know daughters graduation the parents must be very excited na even your par
ents must be na after all single daughter….see they will come to college and take pictures of you

Swara:(with tears in her eyes)..Ya sir my mom n dad tho love me see na I had to force them to go to the meeting otherwise mom would have never gone and dad wo tho he would drop me to college everyday feed me breakfast etc etc…..

Laksh:Ya Swara….OK good….I’ll see you in the morning have to go….see you good night

Swara:Sadly Good night Sir?

Swara then goes to her room and cries she really needs someone who can love her she wants to sleep on someone’s lap….. someone to feed her …….

Precap:Laksh slapping Swara and Ragini coming to MALHOTRA house

Credit to: Swara Mehta

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