Swaragini-ishq bulaava episode 1

Hi this is Aashta Bhadra and this is my first work. So this will be a RagSan RagLak SwaSan SwaLak FF.
I really need ur encouragement…so here it goes….
Ragini Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore: Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar (22 years)
Laksh Durga Prasad Maheshwari: Namish Taneja (25 years)
Sanskar Ram Prasad Maheshwari: Varun Kapoor (25 years)
Swara Gadodia: Helly Shah.(24 years)

Gadodia family: same as in serial…Swara’s family
Maheshwari family: same as in serial..Laksh and Sanskar’s family.
Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore: Gaurav Chopra (Ragini’s father)
Janki Rathore: Diljeeth Kaur (Ragini’s mother)
Rithwik Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore: Shakti Arora(Ragini’s elder brother)(25 years)
Mukta Mehta Rathore:Sreejitha De (Rithwik’s wife)(25 years)
A big house is shown beautifully decorated with flowers and lights.
The name plate is shown and it is written ‘Rathore’s’……
@inside RM(Rathore Mansion)
A lady is busy giving instructions….and she is revealed as Mukta..
Mukta: bhai saaab thoda jalti bhaarat aathe hi honge.
Rithwik: whats going on madam?
Mukta: Riku..look na nothing is done…
Rithwik: relax Mukku everything will be done…
Another women clicks their photo.
Rithwik: mom!
That lady is revealed as Janki
Janki(smiling): what?…
Mukta: mom stop clicking our pics….
Janki: oh really….both of u..huh..there is hundred and one things pending there and u both r romancing here..
Rithwik: oh mom….acha 5n…
Mukta and Riwthik go different ways.

Voice: oho pyaar ke dushman….
Janki turns back..
Janki: Raghu…
That guy is revealed as Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore.
Rathore: so my Jaan is looking very pretty…u look more lyk a bride…
Janki: Raghu app bhi na..
Mukta and Riku: ahem…we also have cameras…
Rathore: these kids…
@MM( Maheshwari Mansion)
Sujatha: jiji…
AP: haan Sujatha Dulhe raja tayaar ho rahe hain…
AP comes with Sanskar and Laksh….
Sujatha: Nazar na lage mere choro ko.
DP: I think its time for us to leave…
Sujatha: ji bhaisa.
Janki: Mukku come lets see if Ragu is ready..
Rathore: no need im there na i’ll check…and make my princess ready…
@Ragini’s room.
Ragini is sitting on the bed she is wearing a red golden lahenga ..she is in a complete bridal look with heavy jewellery.
She looks herself in the mirror. Tears flow from her eyes.
Ragini: no Ragini today u should not cry u should be strong. Mr.Maheshwari..u’ll pay for all this….
Rathore comes in and Ragini wipes her tears.
Rathore: princess…
Ragini: haan papa.
Rathore: may i knw why my princess was crying.

Ragini: crying?..and me ?…no papa…
Rathore: my princess cannot lie to me…
Ragini: woh papa…i cant leave you thts why..
Rathore: nor can we princess…but tell me..u really want to marry him..
Ragini: yes..why papa
Rathore: i donno princess mujhe aisa lagta hain kit um yeh shaadi majboori mein kar rahe ho.
Ragini: no papa…aisa bilkul bhi nahi hain..i am very happy with this marriage.
Rathore: sachi
Ragini: muchi
Janki: Raghu baraath aa gayi.

Rathore: princess i’ll just come..he kisses Ragini’s forehead..by the way my princess is looking very very very pretty today.
Ragini: more than mom…?
Raghu: princess…..he leaves
Ragini(in mind): sry papa..your princess is lying this is not a marriage its just a deal …im sry papa i don’t have a choice….

Precap: Ragini’s marriage

I know many questions are left unanswered….
Lyk who is getting married to Ragini?
What is the deal?
Why did she agreed for this marriage …etc..to knw the answers pls continue reading……


  1. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    Hey aastha…welcome to tu dr 😉
    Wohoooooo!!!!dis is damnnnnnnn interestng story!!!so mny mystriesssss!!! Loved d intro of d family!!such a sweet family…i loved daughter father convo!!! lets see wid whom rags is gttng married?? N for wt reason???…waitng eagerly for nxt part.n update ws fabuloussss!!.keep rockng n stay blessed dr 😉 😉 😉 😉

  2. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome dear….eagerly waiting for ragini marriage…who’s ragini ragini life Patner…interesting dear…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

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  4. A.xx


    |Registered Member

    fab loved it and i think it’s sankaar as sujata said my chore and u said the family is the same,,,,,
    not read the next post yet but will do soon ,,,.
    love the concept.xx

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