(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Intro)


Hai friends..iam gonna start a fanfic on swaragini..First of all i’ll give brief introduction of lead characters.. My fanfic is totally different from real Swaragini serial.

Ragini -daughter of shekhar and sumi,very charming,talkative and flirting type..loves her sister alot…
Swara -calm,matured and always concentrating in studies.loves her sister a lot
Laksh-calm and matured as Swara.
Sanskar-charming and friendly as Ragini.
ln my ff,swara and ragini are sisters and are first year engineering students.Laksh doing 3rd year in same college.sanskar and Laksh have no relation with eachother.Sanskar is working as sir in the same college where Swara,Ragini and Laksh study.
Shekhar and sumi are the parents of swara and ragini.Dp and Ap are the parents of laksh…

Guys suggest pairs..swasan or ragsan?
Sorry for mistakes..As it is my first fanfic.
Hope you will enjoy my fanfiction…

Credit to: Amy

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  1. guys pls suggest me sm ff sites

  2. always swasan nd raglak
    so make it somethng different swalak nd ragsan ..

  3. Amy,

    I liked the introduction and would love to read more of your stuff.

    And yes, make it a SwaSan FanFic as we ( you-know-who) love their pair.

    Thank you <3

  4. Swasan pleaseeee

  5. Thanks for all your support.how is the introduction part?

  6. Swasan and raglak

  7. Pls….. swasan

  8. swasan

  9. Swasan forever

  10. swalak

  11. Swalak n ragsan plzzzzzzzzzz

  12. Swasan plzzz

  13. Though i m a die hard swasan fan…but i wud suggest u to write on swalak..as there are many swasan ffs

  14. I think as your ff is different so make it swalak nd ragsan

  15. swasan plz

  16. nice
    pls make it swasan and raglak.pls pls…
    make it lengthy too..
    swasan and raglak

  17. swasan plz

  18. I’m swasan fan. But still there is lots of swasan make this swalak

  19. swasan and raglak

  20. Swasan plz

  21. plz plz swasan

  22. super start plz make swasan I lovethem 10000000000000000 times plz make swasan perfect

  23. Plss..make it swasan n raglak…
    u will have more readers

  24. mridulakrishnan

    pls swasan &&& raglak

  25. Sea San plzzz since opposite attracts

  26. Swasan plzzz since opposite attracts

  27. swasan. .they wil b perfect as per ur itro

  28. swasan & raglak

  29. Swalak plssss

  30. Thanks everyone for your comments.when i was writing my ff i never thought that i would get this much comments.Anyway thanks for all your supports.Chapter 1 posted soon..

  31. swasan dear pls pls pls

  32. Munawar Sultana

    Swasan please…..

  33. swasan

  34. Swalakkk

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