(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 9)

Hi friends…hope you liked last episode. Recap:3 year’s leap ..and swara and sanskar’s engagement. Episode 9. Engagement ceremony completes. Shekhar:Swara,only four more days remaining for your marriage..Be ready on correct time itself ..Dont get late like today … Ragini:Poor sanskar had to wait for you.. Sanskar attends a call and he is getting angry on someone. Sanskar in phone:now i know what to do ..I will find it myself. He ends the call. Ragini is seeing all this. sanskar:uncle…aunt…i have to leave now.i have an urgent meeting. Now sanskar is working in a company. sanskar leaves from there. Ragini:I think there is something wrong with sanskar. One boy:Haan,you are right..he didn’t put sherwani’s button properly. Ragini:you… Boy:Haan me…laksh…i thought you forgot me. Ragini:laksh..engagement over,where were you. Laksh :plane was one hour late…what to do yaar.. Ragini:i wont talk to you. Laksh:what did i do..i was not driving the plane. Ragini:not because of that.. Laksh:Then..?

Ragini:why don’t you call me last week.? Laksh:sorry yaar ..i had an important meeting.One week i was not there in London ,that’s why. Sorry please.. Ragini:fine..on one condition. Laksh:iam okay with whatever you say. Ragini:Then you have to say about our relation to both mine and your parents on Friday.That is on swaras marriage day. Laksh:what?me..no way. Ragini:fine,then iam going. Laksh holds ragini’s hand. Laksh:I will ..

Ragini:Thats my sweet lucky.. Ragini leaves from there.Laksh is worried. Ragini is calling someone. Ragini:I want to meet you now .okay,I will come to your house. Ragini reaches someone’s house. Ragini knocks the door.The door gets opened. Ragini:hai sanskar. sanskar:hii.come in. Ragini:sanskar,can I get some water . Sanskar went to kitchen . Ragini is checking all the rooms. In one room ,she found swara and Ragini’s old pic.She also found a book n which it is written”swara,i wont leave you.” Ragini also found some documents about their old shool.

Precap:Sanskar found ragini in that room.

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