(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 7)

Hai friends..I will try to make todays episode a lengthy one
Recap:Ragini saying to swara that she think swara is in love with sanskar
Episode 7
Sanskar crying the whole night.
Next day morning
Swara:Ragini…wake up
Ragini:what is this swara..its just 6am.
Swara:Happy birthday lado..
The whole family comes and wishes her.
Ragini:Oh..today is my birthday.papa,where is my gift?
shekhar:oh..i forgot.
Rags makes an angry face.
Shekhar:how can I forget to buy gift for my lado.this is your gift.
An awesome diamond necklace.

Ragini:Thank you papa.And swara,you didnt give me any gift.
Swara:Here is your gift.
An awesome handbag.
Ragini:its very nice..Thankyou so much shona.
Shekhar:Lado..We have one more gift for you..
Ragini with so much of excitement:what is it papa.
Shekhar:we have arranged a birthday party for you.You can call all your friends.
Ragini:My family is the best family one can ever have.
They all smile.

At college
Laksh:Today,my lado is looking awesome.Looks like there is something special today.
Swara:haan…today is Ragini ‘s birthday.
Laksh:what..why don’t you inform me earlier.Lado..
Ragini:It was your responsibility to ask me about my birthday and all.Now leave it,anyways today there is my birthday party in my house.You should definitely come..
Laksh:ofcourse,i will come.
Swaragini leaves from there.
They meet sanskar.
Sanskar:Hai swara…hai ragini

swara:hai sir..actually today is ragini’s birthday.and….
sanskar:many many happy returns of the day ,ragini.
Ragini:woh, sir actually…
swara is not giving a chance to ragini to speak.
swara:sir,we are celebrating ragini’s birthday in our house at 6pm today.And ragini want you also to come.
sanskar:i will try to come.
sanskar leaves.
ragini:when did i say you that i want sanskar sir to come in my birthday party.

swara:that…i know you want him to come.
ragini:oh really..
swara,I think you are completely in love with him.
swara:what…i dont love him .
Ragini:shona,dont lie .say the truth.
Swara:I think yes..(swara is blushing)
Ragini:If so,then you propose him.
Ragini:Today,in the party.
Ragini:swara,this is a nice chance,dont leave it.
swara:fine,today,I will propose him.

At party
Many people are gathered in the house.
one girl is walking down from stairs wearing navy blue gown,she is looking gorgeous.It is none other than our Ragini.
Swara is also coming behind her ,she is wearing red salwar ,she is also looking awesome in that salwar.
Ragini:Laksh,when did you come?
Laksh:just now..and by the way you are looking gorgeous in this dress.Swara…you too.
sanskar comes
Ragini:Hai sir,thanks for coming
sanskar:hi ragini
swara:hai sir
sanskar:hi swara
swara:come on sir,I will introduce you to my family.Papa,this is sanskar.Our guest lecturer.And sir ,this is my papa,Mr.shekhar gadodia
sanskar is shocked to hear that.

Shekhar:haan,this is my daughter swara gadodia.
Shekhar:I will come now.
Shekhar leaves.
swara:what happened,sir?
sanskar:excuse me..
sanskar leaves from there.
swara went to ragini.
swara:lado,what should i do?how will i propose him?
Ragini:where is he,now?
Swara:he is standing alone ,outside.
Ragini:I think,this is the right time.
Ragini:propose him.All the best.
Sanskar is standing angrily,thinking about some past moments.In between he is also thinking about the moment,where Shekhar says that this is my daughter swara gadodia.He is more angry thinking about that.

sanskar changes his angry looks and said:what swara.?
swara:sir,actually, I have to say you something
sanskar:come on swara ,say it.
swara:sir,I love you.
swara runs from there.Actually swara is just having a crush on him.But she misunderstood it as love.
sanskar is shocked to hear that.But later he smiles in an evil manner and start going to swara.
sanskar:swara,I love you too.
Laksh hears this and get shocked.

precap:Laksh proposing Ragini and Ragini accepts it.A 3 years leap.

Hope you guys liked todays episode
Iam waiting for your feedbacks.

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