(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 6)

Hai friends..
Sorry for not updating my ff these many days..Actually I was busy with my exams.
This week onwards i will try to post daily but it will be short updates as iam not only writing this ff.Iam also writing ffs on manmarziya (nesam)and yeh vaada raha .So i hope you guys will adjust with short updates.
recap:Rags and Laksh forgiving each other and becoming friends

Episode 6
Laksh running behind Swara
Laksh : Swara,you are gone.
Swara :catch me if you can..
Sanskar is walking through the
corridor and now swara is running towards him.
Swara is hiding behind sanskar.
Sanskar :laksh,what are you doing here.
Laksh : Sir,i was going to library.
Sanskar :Then go..
Laksh leaves from there.
Sanskar :And swara,what about you
Swara : Sir,i was just walking through the corridors.
Ragini comes
Ragini : Hai sir
sanskar : Hai Rags
rags..lets go to class.

At night.
Swara : Sanskar sir is very good..right?
Ragini : From last two hours onwards you are saying about sanskar sir itself. What happened to you shona..Do you fall for him.
Swara : I was just saying,nothing else.now iam feeling so sleepy …good night
Sanskar’s house
sanskar is looking at a diary and crying.In that diary,one small girl’s photo is there with his photo.
Sanskar: I came here to find her .l will do that at any cost.

Precap : Sanskar,shocked to find swara is shekhar’s daughter.Swara,proposing sanskar and he accepts her proposal.

Hope you guys liked today’s episode.
Guys,iam waiting for your feedback on Precap.

Credit to: Amy Jake


  1. vb

    What kind of proposal was that? And who is that small girl whom sanskar is searching for I hope it is not revenge to accept swara’s proposal

  2. Amy Jake

    Guys pls reply for this comment..
    Actually Iam little busy nowadays and so i cannot update long updates everyday.
    You guys can select any one option given below.
    1.short updates 5 days in a week
    2.Long updates twice a week.
    Sorry guys..i can’t do anything else as iam very busy nowadays.
    Iam waiting for your reply.
    And by the way thanks everyone for commenting.

  3. Tooba

    Choice no. 2 and please don’t take stress because of us I can understand your situation. Just write whenever you want. God bless you 🙂

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