(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 25)


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Swara is laughing thinking about their plan…(locking door) “Awww..she looks so cute when laughing”Laksh thinks. They enters their room.
Laksh:You are so cute swara,. Swara gets shocked to hear it.. Swara:What??
Laksh comes back into his senses. Swara:Laksh,what did you say?? Laksh:Vo actually,..vo..I will get fresh and come.
Laksh leaves hurrily. Swara laughs,.

Swara is wearing a saree..Actually she don’t know how to wear it..always Sumi used to help her..Now she is totally confused.She has done just one round ,that’s it.. Suddenly laksh comes out of the washroom.Swara gets shocked to see laksh and she turns.
Laksh is super shocked to see her like this. Laksh is coming to her..swara can feel it.. Laksh held one end of the saree. Swara:Laksh,what are you doing?” Laksh:I will help you.
Swara didn’t say anything..and Laksh took the answer as yes and he starts the work. He makes the nurves correct and then pressed it to her stomach..While doing it laksh hand slowly touches swara’s stomach.. Both felt like an electric shock passed through their body. They shares a cute eyelock..But swara breaks it … He then made her pallu in a proper way..Then he starts to pin it..
Swara shouts :Ahh.. Laksh:Swara..does it hurt.. Swara:No…she smiles as well as blushes.
Laksh:I think its done..
He then made her look at the mirror..
Swara:Laksh..its perfect..but i have one question..
Swara:How do you know to wear saree..? She asks to him doubtingly.. Laksh understood it and he said:My ex gf also was like this..she also doesn’t know how to wear saree…so i studied it for her..
Swara:Ex gf,.?
Laksh:Hmmm…she was so cute.. Swara gets angry and was about to leave from there,but laksh holds her hand and said:I was just kidding..I didnt have any gf and all..
Swara smiles..
Laksh:Swara,but why do you care about it…
Swara:Cus Iam your wife.. Hearing the word wife…laksh remembers ragini but stops thinking as she is someone else’s wife now. Swara understood it.
Swara:Laksh,do you know one thing?
Swara:In kolkatta,When I was small na..i had a bestiee,a boy,he was so close to me that we used to share our every secrets to eachother..but one day destiny planned to make us apart..He had to come to Mumbai cus of his fathers work. I cried a lot..I even thought that thats the end of my life..but later only I understood that its not the end of my life..its the end of his part in my life..”Hope you will understand what I mean.. Swara leaves from there and laksh keeps thinking about what she said… Ragsan

She was about to read the dairy but someone taps her shoulder.Yes its Mr sanskar maheswari,her so called husband. Ragini gets shocked and said:Vo actually I was just… Sanskar takes the dairy from her and shouts:How dare you to take this dairy.. Ragini gets afraid to see the hatred in his eyes. She starts moving backward. Sanskar pinned her to the wall.Her heart starts beating faster. He leans towards her holding her hands very tightly.She is wincing in pain.
Ragini:Sanskar..she said with her sweet soft voice. His heart skipped a beat to hear her. Sanskar comes back into his senses and finds him hurting Ragini.He suddenly leaves her hand. Ragini cries by sitting in the floor.. Sanskar feels bad. Precap:Jealous..who all??

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Credit to: MERIN

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