(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 24)

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Episode 23

Episode 24
Ragini’s Grihapravesh
Swara arranged everything along with Laksh.Ragini enters the house by kicking the kalash.Swara then asks Ragini not to enter inside.sanskar asks her for the reason.Swara said to him that the groom should take bride in his arms to the room. Ragini gets shocked to hear it.
Ragini:No way..
Swara emotionally blackmails her and made her to accept it.So finally Ragini allowed sanskar to lift her.Laksh is also standing there but he is not having any expressions.He is just standing there as a statue . Sanskar lifts Ragini in his arms and starts walking to the room.
Swalak are standing in the hall itself.Sanskar looks at Ragini and smiles.Ragini is not even looking at him.

She is not even looking at me…hmmm..I have to do something. Sanskar acts as if he is gonna slip..Ragini closed her eyes and held sanskar’s shirt tightly.Sanskar smiles.Ragini opens her eyes and looks at sanskar angrily..Sanskar winks at her.
They reached the room.Sanskar made Ragini sit in the bed. Sanskar was about to go out of the room but he found that the room is locked from outside.He starts beating the door calling out”swaraaa,…lakshhh…”
Swara:Now it will be a lot of fun.. Laksh smiles…but a dull one.. In the room
Ragini:What the hell are you doing ….
Sanskar:This door is locked from outside..
Ragini stands from the bed.. Ragini:What???But how?? Sanskar:maybe Swara and…Laksh.. Ragini :God…why you are always doing this to me..Now what to do?? Sanskar:lets celebrate our suhagrat…What you say?? Ragini:You idiot,Don’t even think to come near to me..else..
Sanskar starts coming towards her..saying:Else what?
Ragini moves backward..saying:Else..else.. Sanskar:Else..
Ragini finds no more space to move backward… She tried to go from there but sanskar pinned her to the wall…
Ragini:How dare you..you just move away from me..
Sanskar leans towards her..
Ragini gets shocked and closed her eyes in fear,.. But sanskar left her and went to his study table and starts writing something in a dairy. Ragini takes a deep breath of relief sseeing him away from her.Ragini went towards the bed and sits there..thinking whats there in the dairy. Aftersometime sanskar closed the dairy..
Ragini:Whats there in the dairy…maybe all your sins..right? ..
Sanskar starts coming near to her.. Ragini starts moving backward..Finally she had lie down in the bed..and sanskar lean towards her and took pillows, blanket and went towards the couch.. Sanskar:Got scared na?? Ragini:Me??scared??No way?? Sanskar:Really??He laughs..and lie down in the couch..later he sleeps.. Ragini is walking here n there in the room.She noticed sanskar’s dairy in the table.She walks towards the table and takes the dairy in her hands.
Episode ends.


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Credit to: MERIN


  1. pavani

    First u posted after many days that too this short its not fair pl z update nxt one fast .not but least many more happy returnes of the day

  2. manvi

    ur ff is superb and ragsan is so cute yaar i love them ……what a beautiful story i just love them ……plssss make it long with lots of scene of ragsan …

    • Hey Merin I want to ask u smethng.. Don’t feel bad I read this ff beginning…and at dt time u ask to vote to choose de pair … And u said dt swasan and rahlak won bt one of de swasan fan blackmailed you dt she’ll stop reading when u won’t choose swasan…. And u kept pair swalak and ragsan ..not considering vote… Bt by reading your other ffs i come to know dt all pairs are swalak and rags an.. If u want to choose den y u say simple rsn to change pair according to your wish… I don’t mean to hurt u its ur ff and ur wish its… Bt y u do dt.. I want ur reply only your.. Don’t bash me .. Just an ans after dt I’ll reply.. Anyway you r a good writer…

      • Abhi

        At first ..i accept that it was my mistake,.
        But I chose Ragsan swalak in all my other ffs because I liked their pair after writing this ff…
        Anyway thankyou so much…??

    • Abhi

      Thankyou so much..?
      My other ffs are For you my warrior girl,Dekhle mera inteqaam,its always you,its fortune, and kidnapper ..

  3. poonam

    Very nice episode.I am a silent reader I commented first time. I really love your ff…..an invisible lover is your ff right..
    If yes then please start that ff. U have not mentioned that name in your ffs list …u will continue it or not.please continue its story is very nice

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