(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 23)


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Episode 23
Ragini gets shocked and runs from there crying.After sometime mehendi writer starts doing mehendi in Ragini’s hands. Mehendi writer asks Ragini for her would be’s name.She said sanskar.A drop of tear fell from her eyes. MARRIAGE DAY Ragini is getting ready.Swara,Sumi and some others are helping her.Ragini looks at herself in the mirror.She cries thinking about her past moments with laksh. Ragini’s POV No no..i should not cry.My tears can make troubles in swara’s life,I don’t want it to happen.She wipes her tears.I want Laksh to move on in his life with swara.She smiles but still her heart is crying woefully. Ragini is coming downstairs.She is wearing red lahenga with golden works.She looks very gorgeous. Sanskar is sitting in the mandap.He is wearing red sherwani .Ragini sits near sanskar.Sanskar looks at her face. Sanskar’s POV. Ragini..iam really sorry.I know that you hates me and right now you might be feeling to kill me.I came here for taking revenge.But iam always forgetting my revenge when i see you.I know that my revenge is from Shekhar gadodia.But for that i will have to marry you.Sorry.. Swara’s POV I know Ragini that you are smiling right now just for me and Laksh.I also know that laksh still have some feelings for you.But i don’t have any problem with that because i know very well that you both were in true love.For me it was easy to move on because i think it was a crush.But iam sure that one day laksh will also able to move on in his life.And i also wish that you and sanskar too move on in your life. Laksh is standing in front of the mandap.He is looking at Ragini. Ragini is not even looking at him.She is smiling and looking at her ma..papa. Marriage starts. Swara tied Ragini’s Ghunnghatt sanskar’s shawl. Ragini and sanskar looks at each other. Pandit:Its time for the pheras. Ragini and sanskar stands. Pandit:In first four pheras groom should be in front and in last three bride should stand in front. Ragsan starts taking pheras. Laksh’s POV I know Ragini that you are not crying just for me.I know that you want me to move on in my life.But i dont think i will be able to.But i will try just for swara. The completed the pheras. Pandit:Next the groom has to tie mangalsutra in bride’s neck. Sanskar takes the mangalsutra. Ragini’s POV Her heart is crying.Then she looks at her papa and smiles.Iam doing this for you papa.My papa’s choice will be always good.I trust him.Because now, i don’t have any other option now.. Ragini looks at laksh. Sanskar made her wear the mangalsutra. A drop of tear fell from Ragini’s eyes.But she wipes it suddenly.Laksh noticed it and start thinking their past moments. Pandit:Groom should fill bride’s maang with sindhoor. Sanskar takes the sindhoor in his finger. Sanskar POV Sorry Ragini Laksh’s POV Its good that iam watching you getting married to someone else.May be it will help me to move on in my life N to give a good life to swara. Sanskar puts vermillion in Ragini’s maang. A drop of tear fell from both Raglak. Both of them wipes it suddenly. Swara saw it.she felt hurt .But still she smiles. Pandit:Marriage completed.Now,take blessings from elders. Ragsan takes blessing from everyone. Bidaai. Everyone cries.. Ragini is hugging everyone by crying. Ragini hugs her papa. Papa:don’t cry..iam sure that sanskar will keep you happy. Ragsan looks at each other. She hugs her mom. Mom:i will miss u alot.. Ragini:Me too ma.. She hugs Ankit. Ankit:Take care..dont cry,and be strong.Dont forget to call me.. She hugs swara. Swara:Don’t forget me..hah. Ragini:Never ever..i will call you daily. Swara:You should. She is about to hug Laksh,but stops. Laksh hugs her and said:congratulations..be happy. Ragini cries.laksh too cries. Swara:Maa..Me and laksh will go with them.There no one is there to fo rituals and all na..thats why.We will come back after two days. Maa:Haa swara.,it will be good. Ankit:me too Swaragsanlakit leaves to sanskar’s house.Everyone cries. Episode ends. Precap:Swara locked sanskar and ragini in sanky’s room.sanskar pins Ragini to the wall.

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Credit to: MERIN

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