(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 22)


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Episode 21
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Episode 22
Sanskar leaves.
Mehendi function is going on.
Mehendi writer is going to start doing mehendi.
Suddenly all the light goes off.

A girl is standing with a mike and all the light spots her.
Gadiodia family altogether:Arpita…
Actually Arpita is swaragini’s cousin.That is shekhar’s sister Renuka’s daughter.Unfortunately Arpita’s parents died in a car accident when she was 15.She went to London for her higher studies.Shekhar and sumi are taking care of her as parents.
Arpita:Hai Everyone..Iam swaragini’s cousin.Ragini..i know today is your marriage And swara i got to know that your marriage over..hmm..you didn’t even invite me..But its okay…We can celebrate altogether today.So i invite all the pairs here.Ragini and sanskar jiju,swara and laksh jiju,shekhar papa and sumi ma.,dadi and dadu,and me and all the other pairs those who are interested.
Ragini to mehendi writer:Please start fastly..(If mehendi is there in her hand then she will not have to dance.)
Mehendi writer:No..you can dance now,i will do after that.
Ragini:I said na..do mehendi.
Swara comes.
Swara:Come…lets go for dance.
Ragini:No swara,Iam not dancing.
Swara:No no..you should come..plss for me.
Ragini:No swara.pls..
Swara:ma..papa..everyone is there..pls come ..otherwise i will not talk to you.
Ragini:Swara please.
Swara pulls her.
Swara:Come..no more talks.

They reached the dancing floor.
Swara made Ragini stand in front of sanskar and she leaves.Ragini looks at sanskar angrily.
Now swara is looking for laksh.
She finds him in a corner.
Swara:Laksh,come lets dance..
Laksh:No swara,iam not interested..
Swara:Laksh..pls..for me.
Laksh:Sorry swara…i cannot.
swara:At least for Ragini.
Swara:I mean ..If we don’t participate Ragini also will not participate.So please laksh.
Laksh:But swara..
Swara:No but vut and all come.
Swara takes laksh with her.
Now all the pairs are standing face to face.There are actually around 14 pairs.
Arpita:So lets start ..wait wait wait..before that one more thing..The songs will be changing after every one minute.So whenever the song changes the boys will have to rotate their partners and sent them to the nearby person.That means all this 14 pairs will have to dance with eachother.At last when your pair comes back to you..the song will end and I will give a small prize for the best dancing pair.
So here starts the dance.

After hearing the rules raglak gets tensed and looks each other.The song starts..
Ragini is not dancing and looks angrily at him.Sanskar kept his one hand on her waist and other on her shoulder.Ragini is trying to remove his hands but he holds her tightly.Shekhar looks at Ragini and gets sad .Ragini saw him looking.So for him she dances with Sanskar.(hasi ban gaye song)
Swara is holding laksh but laksh is looking ragini..Ragini too is looking laksh.
Swara:Laksh..are you lost somewhere..
Swara:Then lets dance..
Laksh in mind:i married swara without her permission..still she adjust with me(as friend).So i should also do something for her na..
Laksh also dances with swara.(hasi song bg).But both raglak are lost in some thoughts.
The song ends and the partners change.Actually laksh is standing left of sanskar.But movement is through right.
So now swasan are together.(Tujhe bhula diya song female version)
They both are dancing.Swara is feeling little bad but she remembers that She is laksh’s wife now.
Now the pairs changes …changes..Now its last set..
That is Raglak dance.
When Ragini comes by rotating…she slips..and laksh holds her.They share an eyelock.

They came back to their senses.Hamari Adhoori kahani plays in background.Laksh gets angry thinking about ragini saying him to marry swara and forget her.
Laksh start dancing with Ragini with both anger and pain.Ragini is having tears in her eyes.
By seeing the dance..we will feel that Ragini will now fall.But laksh always holds her in the correct time.
The song ends..All the pairs are back together and the programme ends.
Arpita:That was amazing.All the pairs did very well.I know that you all are waiting for names of the best pair.
The best pair is….is..Ragini di and Laksh jiju.
All are shocked..
Episode ends.

precap:Ragsan marriage.

sorry for same precap.
keep reading.

Credit to: Amy Jake

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