(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 21)

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Episode 20
Episode 20

Episode 21
Sumi:Vo…actually swara..Papa want Ragini and sanskar to get married.
Swara:What..Sanskar and Ragini?
Swara runs from there.Ragini also runs behind her.
Swara is standing infront of Krishna’s idol and praying something
Ragini comes.
Swara:Now i understood the reason behind papa’s heart attack.
You said to papa na that you wont marry sanskar.
Ragini:Haan..then what should i do..But swara please forgive me. when i found papa in this situation i accepted to marry sanskar.
Swara smiles.
Ragini is little confused.
Ragini:Swara..you are smiling?i thought you will be angry with me as you love sanskar.
Swara:No ragini its not like that..i loved sanskar.Its good that you are marrying him.
Swara:Haan..if you are marrying him then i will not have any feelings for him anymore na..
Ragini:How can you be like this..
Swara:Ragini.i really think that sanskar was my crush not love..That’s why iam not feeling to cry and all.I don’t know but i reallly do think so.
Ragini:Swara,…what are you saying..
Swara:yes Ragini..i think it was a crush.Otherwise why iam not crying..or feeling sad.But I want to accept that laksh’s love for you was really true.He looks always sad..not talking much and all.Leave it..now focuss on your future.You should marry sanskar,at least for papa.
Ragini:Hmmm.i know.
They go back to ICU.
All are shocked to see swara smiling after hearing ragsan’s marriage.
Swara:Dont worry..i dont have any problem with their marriage infact iam happy for them .
Everyone smiles happily.Sumi hugs swara.
Sanskar looks at Ragini and smiles evily.
Ragini angrily looks at him.
laksh is so sad.
Sanskar:papa..what happened.
Shekhar:Take Ragini for a shopping.Ragini,buy dresses for everyone.
Ragini:No papa..i will go with swara.
Swara:No no..go with sanskar..i have some works.
Swara:I said go with him.
Ragini and sanskar leaves.

In the mall
Sanskar:Ragini..i want to say something to you.
Ragini:now what do you want.
Sanskar changed his total attitude and said.
Sanskar:what do you thought…huh..i love you so much that’s why iam marrying you…dont ever think like that..because by marrying me you are going to face the worst days of your life.I hate you.
Ragini:Same here..hate you a lot.
Ragini selects many dresses and comes back.
Ragini in car:Actually why are doing all this..what do you want..
Sanskar:Later you will get to know everything..
Now just shut up.
They reached home.

Next day morning
Shekhar got discharged.
Now all are in gadodia mansion.
All shocked to find the house decorated.
Swara:How is it..Its all done by me and laksh.
Swara:Now Ragini and sanskar ,get ready for haldi function.
After sometime
The haldi function starts.
Everyone starts putting haldi on ragini and sanskar’s face.They cannot se eachother as there is a cloth tied in between them.
Swara:So our haldi function completed. Now mehendi function.Before that a break of 4 hrs.

Its 4pm.
Ragini comes downstairs in a navy blue lahenga.Sanskar is mesmerised to see her.Laksh also saw her but suddenly swara comes from behind her in green saree.Laksh looks at her and smiles.
Mehendi function starts.
Mehendi writer:What’s your would be’s name.
Ragini is silent.
Sanskar comes and said “sanskar.You can write S.”
Ragini doesn’t mind him.

The episode ends.

Precap:Ragsan marriage.

How was it..Keep reading for knowing more about Ragsan marriage.

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