(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 20)

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Episode 19
Episode 20

Shekhar:Will you marry Ragini.?
Sumi:Yes beta..please..we know it will be difficult for you..but please..
Ragini:Ma…what are you saying.
Sanskar:Yes aunty what are you saying..how can I..its impossible.
Shekhar starts feeling little trouble in his breathing.
Shekhar:Ragini…you love your dad ..right..
Ragini:Yes dad..but,
Shekhar:please for me.
Ragini:No dad..its not possible..
Shekhar suddenly falls down and gets unconcious.
Sumi:What happened…
Ragini:Papa…wake up..
Anki calls an ambulance.

At hospital
All are waiting outside ICU.
The doctor comes out of the room.
Ragini :Doc..doctor..how is my papa..What happened to him.
Doctor:He got a minor heart attack but he is fine now.
Sumi:Doctor..may talk to him.
Doctor:No he is unconcious now..

Doctor :Now you all can go and meet him.He regains conciousness..
But remember one thing…dont say anything which hurts him.
They entered the room.
Shekhar slowly opens his eyes and starts looking each of them.
Ragini and sumi are crying woefully.
Shekhar:Ragini,i dont know till when i will be alive.I only have one dream before my death.
Ragini:What is that papa..i will fulfill it..say.

Shekhar:you and sanskar’s marriage.
Sumi:Ragini…please..sanskar..please..its my request..
Sanskar:but aunty.
Sumi:If something happens your papa because of you then you will not see your mama anymore.
Ragini:ma…please dont say like that..i will marry sanskar.
Sanskar:yes aunty..for uncle we will..

Maheswari mansion
Swara:Laksh,whats your todays plan..
Laksh :what?nothing special..but why?
Swara:lets go for a shopping..
Swara:Haan..i don’t have any sarees..i want buy some sarees.
Laksh:Then you can go with ma..
Swara:You said that we are friends.But you cannot even come with me for a shopping.What kind of friendship is this..
Laksh:Okay..i will come.Dont start your drama..
Suddenly swara gets a call.
It was Ankit’s.
Ankit:Swara,its me Ankit.
swara:what happened Ankit..why are you crying.
Ankit:Swara,Shekhar uncle got a minor heart attack…but don’t panic,he is fine now.
Swara starts crying.

Swara:In which hospital.
Ankit:in city hospital ,swara don’t cry he is fine now.
He cuts the call.
laksh:Swara ,why are you crying?
Swara:Laksh,papa is in city hospital.
laksh:what happened to him.
Swara:He got a minor heart attack.
Laksh:Come..lets go..
They went to hospital along with ap and dp.

In the hospital
Doctor:He is fine..Tomorrow morning we will discharge him.
Doctor leaves.
Shekhar:Today is Monday.Tomorrow we can do all rituals.And day after tomorrow,marriage.
Ragini:As you say papa..
Ankit looks at sanskar angrily.
Swara,laksh,ap and dp comes.
Swara runs to the room and hugs her father who is lying on the bed.
Laksh:Swara,stop crying..see he is fine now.
Some emotional scenes between swara and shekhar.
Swara:Papa..you are fine..na
Shekhar:Yea ..swara iam fine..nothing happened to me.
Swara:Papa..actually how it happened ?
All are shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap:Ragsan’s marriage rituals.

So how was it..
And guys..how will swara react knowing ragsan’s marriage..
Keep reading for knowing it.

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