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(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 2) (Part 5)


Hai friends..Thanks for your supports.
Recap : Swara and Sanky’s eyelock..
Episode 5
Ragini walking through the library with some books.Suddenly she slips and sanskar holds her.
Sanky:Rags..walk carefully.
Rags:Thanks Sir.
Sanky :fine..
Sanky leaves.
Laksh comes..
Laksh : Ragini,wait a minute…I want to talk to you.
Rags:me too want to talk to you laksh..Actually it was my mistake.I misunderstood you.when swara said the entire scene only i understood that you are innocent.Iam really sorry laksh..
Laksh : Don’t feel sorry rags.Actually it was my mistake.I should not have misbehaved with you.
Rags:no laksh,it was all my mistake.
Laksh :No rags,it was my mistake.
Rags :No,it was mine.
Laksh : Stop..there was both of our mistakes.Now let’s forget it..
Can we become friends …?
Rags thought for a while

and then said yes..
Laksh and rags are shaking their hands.They left from there.
Swara:rags..whether he is troubling you now also.
Ragini :No swara ,he is not troubling me instead he is my friend,now.
Swara:what…this khadoos can become friend of anyone….?
Laksh : Who is khadoos.?
Swara : Ofcourse you itself .
Swara is running and behind her.

Precap : Sanky ,looking at a diary and crying ,at the same time getting angry too.
Guess ,what will be the reason behind sanky’s sadness..

It is a note to all the readers of my ff.
If you are reading my ff ,you all should be familiar with the first episode of my ff.Right now,i cannot reveal the reason of it.But you will get to know about it soon.
Hope you liked today’s episode.

Credit to: Amy Jake

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      The secret revolving it will be revealed soon..

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