(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 2) (Part 3)

Hai friends..
Recap: Swara being insulted by seniors.Rags insulted laksh for that.
Chapter 2
Its morning and swara is drying up her hairs.
Swara:’ragini,wake up .Its already late ‘
Ragini:’five more minutes shona’
swara:’Its already 7:30am.’
Ragini gets shocked and is running to complete all her works..After some time..
Sumi:’Shona and lado ,come here anf have breakfast ‘
Swaragini :’we are coming mom’
Now they are having their breakfast.
They finished breakfast and are leaving to college.
They reached college and are walking towards their class.
Principal :’swara,come with me to my cabin now,you have to complete some forms.’
swara:’yes sir,and rags ,you can go to class i will come later”.
Rags:’ya,iam going’.

Ragini is going to her class.Laksh is standing in front of her.Ragini is trying to go from there ,but laksh holds her hand.Now suddenly someone came and removes laksh’s hand from ragini’s.He is our sanky.
Sanky:’its not good to hurt girls’
laksh:’ who are you to say that’?
Sanky:’lam sanskar and iam your new guest lecturer’
laksh gets shocked…
Laksh:’sorry sir …that ..i accidently..sorry sir…please dont inform principal about all these things ‘
sanky :’fine,but never hurt any girl’
sanky leaves from there with rags .Then rags thanked him.
Swara:’comeon rags class will start now’
sanky in mind:’rags’….? Whatever..
Sanky:bye rags.
Sanky leaves from there.

Precap: In library,swara and sanky,both keep hands on the same book.They have an eyelock.

Sorry for short update….As my exams are going on..I will be busy
this week.so sometimes next update will be on friday.sorry for the inconvenience.Hope you liked today’s update.

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