(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 19)

Hai everyone…
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I will try to make today’s episode a longer one…
And please suggest someone for Ankit’s character.

Episode 18
Episode 18

Episode 19

Gadodia mansion
All are sitting in the hall sadly.
Ankit and Ragini are sitting together.Sanskar is looking at Ankit angrily.

Shekhar:Why all are sitting sadly..we should be happy for swara and laksh.Atleast swara accepted her marriage with laksh na..Iam sure that swara will manage everything.And about sanskar…Iam really sorry beta.You know everything na..it was out of our hands.

Sanskar:I know everything uncle..
I can understand…

Sumi:Enough..balance we can discuss tomorrow..Now its already late..Everyone ,go and sleep.

Shekhar,dadi and sumi leaves..

Now,only Anki,Ragini and sanskar are in the hall.

Ragini:Sanskar,you are happy now!right?And by the way..now you just forget about the second thing which you asked me to do..because swara accepted laksh.Now swara no longer loves you..So forget about the second thing..

Sanskar:Oh really..the second thing which i asked you for will definitely happen.Just wait and watch.

Ankit:Oo..hello.whom do you think you are?huh?I wont let you to even come near my laado..

Sanskar:Really..Then lets see.

Ankit:Nothing to see just stay away from her.you got it?

Ragini:Anki..you just come with me,talking with him is a waste of time.

Ragini and Ankit leaves.Sanskar is fuming in anger.

Ragini’s room
Ankit and Ragini are sitting on her bed.
Ankit:Ragini..dont worry!he will not do anything..iam there na.
Ragini:Thankyou so much for being with me yaar.
Ankit:Now forget about that idiot and sleep peacefully.Good night.
Ragini:Good night.
Ankit leaves to his room.

Sanskar’s room
Sanskar is still angry thinking about Ankit’s words.
Sanskar:Why god..why iam feeling like this…i came here to take revenge.But you made me in a trap.Now what will I do..Anyway,I will not leave that Shekhar.

Maheswari mansion
Laksh is coming out of the washroom after getting fresh.
Swara is still sleeping.Laksh looks at her face.He thinks about his marriage with swara.Laksh was about to call her but a beam of sulight fell on her face and she slowly opens her eyes.
Swara is shocked to see Laksh infront of her.
Swara starts screaming…
Laksh:what happened swara.?why are you screaming?Are you alright?
By hearing swara’s scream,all the members of maheswari mansion enters their room.
Swara stops screaming after seeing them.
Swara:uncle.aunty..why you all are in my house..
Ap:Swara,actually you are now in maheswari mansion.Yesterday it was yours and Laksh’s marriage.
Swara looks around the room and starts remembering about their marriage which happened yesterday.
Swara:Sorry aunty…vo..actually yesterday everything happened so suddenly that..
ap:Its okay..we can understand it..
Now anyway,you get fresh and come down for breakfast.
They leaves.
Swara:Laksh,iam sorry..
Laksh:its okay..anyway we are friends now..right?

Gadodia mansion
Everyone is sitting around the table and having breakfast.
Sumi:Sanskar,I know that whatever happened with you was wrong..but you have to move on..
Shekhar:Do you have any plans about your future ..
Sanskar:No uncle…actually you know that I dont have any family,relatives or anyone and because of that I was feeling very much lonely in my life..but when mine and swara’s marriage got fixed,I felt that I also have a family who loves me,cares about me and all but now,Iam back to that lonely person.Maybe it will be my fate.
Sanskar:I will go back to my home today evening itself.
Shekhar:No beta,dont think that you dont have anyone..we all are your family.If you dont Mind,may I say something..
Sanskar:Ofcourse uncle,you can say..
Shekhar says something to everyone which made rakit shocked.


So guys…how was it…
was it interesting?
Waiting for your feedbacks..

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