(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 18)

Hai everyone….
Guys…if anyone of you are feeling that my ff is getting bore,then please do inform me.
Now iam planning for RAGSAN marriage…
Episode 17
Episode 17

Episode 18

Ragini:I will bring water for you…
Ragini leaves to kitchen..
Swara comes outside the room.
She finds Laksh in the corner of a room.
Laksh says to himself:Sorry swara…iam really sorry..i know you will never forgive me for this..but I had no other option..
Swara heard it and she leaves from the room to the hall.
Swara:Ragini,papa,mom,,…everyone please come here…
Everyone comes including Laksh.
Swara:Why…no one will do my bidaai?
Everyone is shocked to hear that even Ragini and Sanskar too…
Swara:Now one can do anything…Laksh is my husband now..
Sumi:Swara,but you loved..
Swara:I know that I loved sanskar…and I dont love laksh..But sometimes in life we will not get all that we want.
Ragini smiles hearing it.
Swara:Iam really sorry sanskar…i cannot do anything now…please forget me..
Sanskar feels bad hearing it..
Sanskar in Mind :Sorry swara …its all because of me..sorry..but iam sure laksh will be a good partner for you…sorry…
Swara:And one more thing…no one should scold Laksh for this..Because he is my friend and I know there must be some reasons for him to do this..
Swara’s bidaai is going on…
Ragini is crying…Swara starts crying seeing her..
Ragini:Swara…i will miss you a lot..
Swara:me too…
Everyone of gadodia family bids bye to her..
Maheswari mansion
Swara’s Grahpravesh is going on..
Ap:Laksh.. swara…go to your room and take rest..
Both swara and laksh are walking upstairs..
Swara is looking at laksh..Laksh is having a guilty face..
They reached the room..

The room is not decorated and all…Because you know that this marriage was very unexpected one..

Laksh and swara are looking at each other…
Laksh:Iam sorry swara..
Swara:Laksh,jo ho gaya vo ho gaya…I know that we can never have a husband wife relation because we both don’t love each other…But we can be friends..best friends.Laksh..will you become my best friend?
Laksh:Yes swara…we will be best friends….and do you know one thing..Iam feeling so proud to have a gifted friend like you..Thank you so much for understanding me swara..
Swara:No sorry and no thankyou in friendship..And laksh…eventhough iam saying all this..I still love sanskar and i know you love ragini too..But iam sure..i will be able to forget him but iam not sure that i will be able to love someone again.Anyway lets forget it..We are best friends now..and that’s it…right?
Laksh:Okay..swara now you can take rest..you can sleep on the bed and I will sleep in the couch…
Swara:Okay Laksh…good night,.
Laksh:Good night..
Episode ends..

Precap:Gadodia mansion…Ragsankit..

Iam eagerly waiting for your feedbacks..
And guys..tomorrow onwards I will try to post long updates as my exams are over..

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  1. Poor swalak so sad na

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