(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 17)

Hii friends…
Its me..your Amy.
I know that you all are waiting to know about the marriage twists..
Here we go..
Recap:Swasans marriage..

Episode 17
Sumi:Swara,open your veil..
The bride opens her veil it is
Swara gadodia..
Shekhar:Sanskar,you also remove it..
The groom removes his turban.Everyone is shocked.It was Laksh who married swara.
Swara is super shocked.
Sumi:Laksh,whats all this.
where is sanskar?
Dp:Laksh,what did you do..why did you marry her.
Swara is crying woefully.
Swara holds Laksh’s collar.
Swara:Laksh,why did you do this to me..I treated you as a good friend right?Then why did you do this..

laksh is also crying.
Sanskar comes..
Sanskar:swara,whats all this.
sumi:Beta,where were you?
Sanskar:I was stuck in the traffic..But whats going on here.
Sumi:Vo..laksh married swara.
Sanskar:Ma…what are you saying..
Sanskar laughs in his heart.
Ragini and Ankit comes.
Shekhar:Ragini,look at all this.
Ragini looks at laksh.
Ragini:What’s going on here.
Laksh married Ragini?

Swara runs to her room.
Everyone runs behind her.
Laksh is still in the mandap and crying.
Swara enters her room and closes it.
Ragini:Swara,open the door.
Ragini looks at sanskar angrily.
Sanskar pushes the door strongly and opens it.
Swara is lying in her bed and is crying.
Ragini:Swara..dont cry..
Ankit:Swara..please yaar..talk something.
Sumi and Shekhar:swara beta..please dont cry.
Swara:I want to talk to Ragini…alone
Everyone leaves from the room.

Swara hugs Ragini.
Swara:Why does laksh did this to me..
Ragini:Swara,you know him na..there will be something behind his this step.
Swara:You love him na..then how can you say this.Laksh married me..dont you have any problem with that..
Ragini:Ofcourse..i do love him.But swara,sometimes in life,we will not get all that we want.
Swaragini cries.
Episode ends..

Precap:swara,entering maheswari house.

Guys,how was the episode..Ankit’s character is positive.please suggest any actor for his role.

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