(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 16)

Hii friends…
Hope you all are enjoying my ff..
Next two episodes will be full of twists and turns.
Be ready for it..
Episode 16
Ragini:sanskar…what are you saying.?
sanskar to mehendi writer: you should write R in her hand R for ragini…And by the way ragini,why are getting so panic..?

Sanskar:if you are not getting panic..ok fine…
Sanskar leaves.
Ragini is tensed..
Mehendi function completed..
Next day morning.
swara woke up : Ragini…Ragini.
Swara is shouting..
Ragini comes.

Swara:Ragini,look at my hand..
Ragini:what happened..
Swara:look,my mehendi is not so dark..it means.
Ragini in Mind:I know the reason of it swara…but I am helpless.
Ragini:it doesn’t matter swara…its just a ritual.leave it..
Swara:but ragini…
Ragini:leave it na..
Swara:Today is my marriage…tomorrow onwards I will not be here..
They gets emotional..
Sumi:go…get fresh.

swara leaves..
sumi cries…
Ragini:why are you crying maa.
Ragini:U don’t have to worry …we can go and meet her daily.
Shekhar:haan..ragini is saying right..she is our daughter..we can meet her at any time..Dont worry..
come..we have a lot of works to do.
Shekhar and sumi leaves.
Ragini:God,please give strength to everyone to bear the things which is gonna happen today..
swara:what..?Today is my marriage..na..what is there to bear this much..
Ragini:vo…vo…that you are going to leave today na…so i was asking god make everyone strong to bear your absence…
Swara starts crying.

Swara and ragini both are in red lehanga…
suddenly ragini took swara upstairs for some reason.
sumi:where are you going.
Ragini:Ankit is calling..
Now only one of them is coming down.Her face is covered.She sits in the mandap.
Now the boy also sits in the mandap..His face is also covered with jasmin layers ..
Muhurat starts..
sumi:where is this Ragini ..
Shekhar:maybe she went airport to pick ankit.
Pandit:only two more minutes remaining..
Shekhar:Lets complete the shaadi..
sumi:beta..make her wear the mangalsutra and vermillion.
He does so and the marriage completes….
The episode ends..

Precap:all are shocked about marriage ….ankit comes…

so guys..how is the episode?
I know its little short but today onwards i will try to post daily…
And guys how is this new entry.?

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  1. Awesome update could you please post the next part?

    1. Thanks ragsan…and i will try to post asap.

  2. its superb ……ragsan? ?????? anyway I like ragsan so much

    1. Thanks manvi.

  3. Omg! Is it sanskar or laksh because u have said that the groom’s face is also covered and who is the bride rags or swara eagerly waiting!

    1. That’s the twist…

  4. plz make it as raglak and swasan plz…they are adorable pairs

    1. Sorry…in this the pairs are ragsan and swalak…But i have started a new ff for swasan and raglak …

  5. maluAiswãrya

    Nice one

    1. Thanks yaar..

  6. So ragsan got married??

    1. Wait and watch…
      twists are on the way..

  7. nice …

    1. Thanks…

  8. Then it’s not Raglak ?

    1. Sorry yaar…its ragsan and swalak..

  9. ragsan marriage……..poor laksh n swara……..

    1. Anu…thanks for reading my ff…

  10. Ommmmggg i hope Ragsannn got married that will be epiicc i mean sorry im a silent reader and i dont comment much but i so want to see them together!!!!! and your ff is amazing

  11. Thankyou so much for your comment..

  12. plz make it swasan n raglak only

    1. Sorry yaar..its ragsan and swalak.
      But i have started a new ff for swasan and raglak.

  13. Update Pls the next part

    1. Tomorrow i will…

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