(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 15)

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Recap:ragini asked laksh to do something for her…Tears were falling from laksh’s eyes hearing it.
Some emotional conversation between laksh and swara..
Episode 15
At night
Ragini’s room

Ragini is crying woefully thinking about her past moments with laksh..(bg..yadein Teri)
Laksh’s room
Laksh is also crying thinking about the moments with Rags.
Swara’s room
Swara is little blushing thinking about sanskar.
Sanskar’s room
Sanskar:At first it was my revenge for shekhar but now…
I feel like iam getting weak…
But still i wont leave him.

Sumi:Ragini…where is laksh..
Ragini:I don’t know mom..
Sumi:Okay…what about the arrangements…
Ragini:Its going on..ma..Everything will be fine…dont get tensed.
Sumi:fine…i will call laksh.
Laksh:Mom..i came.
Sumi:where were you ..laksh?We were searching for you…Start doing the arrangements..
Laksh:sorry for being late ma..Anyways..now i came na..i will complete all the arrangements within seconds..you don’t worry ma.,
Ragini is little wondered to see this drastic change in laksh’s behavior.
Its evening
Ragini and swara are coming coming down from the stairs. Laksh is looking ragini…with tears in his eyes.

Sanskar is looking both swara and Ragini with rage..
swara:Sanskar…when did you come.?
Sanskar:Just now..And by the way you both are looking gorgeous today.
Swara blushes and said: Thank you sanskar..
Ragini in hatred tone:Thanks..and you are also looking haaandsome.
Sumi and Shekhar comes..
Sumi:wow…Today our both princesses are looking gorgeous…
Shekhar:yes ofcourse they will be..They are my daughters na..
Sanskar gets angry hearing that..

Sumi:Talking and all we can continue later…now lets start the ritual..
swara is sitting in a couch for mehendi ritual ..Ragini is also sitting beside her.
Mehendi writer start doing mehendi in swara’s hand.She then asks swara’s would be’s name…
Swara :sanskar..
She then asks ragini :do you want to write mehendi..
Swara:Yes..you should write for her also..
Ragini :no..no..i don’t want..
Swara:Ragini…you can give laksh’s name..please …do na..
Ragini:Then fine..i will do it after yours…
After sometimes
Swara’s mehendi us done..

Now they asks ragini to show her hand..
Swara leaves from there to meet some guests.
Mehendi writers asks Ragini:Do we want to write any name..
Ragini: no..
sanskar comes..
Sanskar:yes …Name is needed.
Ragini is shocked to hear that.
Episode ends..

Precap:Mrriage function…twists…

Hope you all enjoyed this episode ..
Thanks for all your supports..

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  1. Is it gng to be swalak….

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  5. its awesome…..don’t worry about pairs…..keep writingThere are many silent readers of this ff


  7. very good ep
    what ragini told to laksh

  8. awesome. ..plz make it swasan

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  10. Ani..
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    Thanks yaar..
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  11. Aarti
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    Thanks..but sorry the pairs are swalak and ragsan.
    Thanks..yaar..but the pairs are swalak and ragsan.

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  14. Awesome update I love the pairs. Post the next part soon. I think sanskar marries ragini then he’ll fall for her.

  15. By ur reply i think ragini asked laksh to marry swara
    plzz say na it is right or not

    1. Sorry yaar.,.i cannot reveal it..
      But u will get to know about it within next two episodes..

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