(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 14)

Hii friends… I know that most of you will be angry with me..I know that that what i had done was wrong..But please guys..forgive me.One mistake can be made by anyone..So please consider me as your younger sister and forgive me…please.I have started a new ff on swasan.. So please guys…forgive me and read that ff..please…
Recap:sanskar asking ragini to do something in order to save swara.

Episode 14
Laksh:Yes Ragini ,i will do anything fo you..Say…
Ragini is saying something to Laksh .
Laksh is shocked to hear that.Tears are falling from Laksh’s eyes. Laksh:what are you saying,Ragini.? How can i do this.?
Ragini:If you really love me..you will have to do this.,Laksh.Do you really love me…?
Laksh:yes Ragini…But…dont do this to me..
Ragini in bold tune:If you really love me,you will do it definitely.. Ragini leaves from there.
Laksh is crying..and he is remembering the moments with Ragini.(yadein teri song plays now) Ragini is sitting in a room and is crying woefully…She is also remembering all the moments she shared with laksh.(bhula dena song plays now).

Swara comes to ragini.
Swara:Ragini,day after tomorrow is my marriage..and i don’t know why rags…iam so scared.Why it’s so?
Ragini smiles and said:That’s common swara..Every girl faces this scary situation..
Swara:When will you face this situation..Ragini?.
Ragini:Iam facing it…
Ragini:Just kidding…yaar..
Sanskar comes there…
Sanky:whats going on between sisters…
Swara:Sanskar..i will meet laksh and come..You both talk..
Swara leaves..

Sanskar: ragini,what did you decide..
Ragini:I will do as you say..
Sanskar:Its night..go and sleep.
Ragini:what do you want actually..What did me and swara did to you…
Sanskar:Its you ,who did everything..
Sanskar leaves..
Laksh wipes his tears and said: hiii
Swara:Why your eyes are so red…It looks like you cried..
Laksh:It might be some dust..I didnt cry..
Laksh:yes swara..

Swara:ok fine..Laksh you know na..Day after tomorrow is my marriage..After my marriage,I will not be here.So you have to look after my lado..Sorry your lado..Laksh’s eyes are filled with tears..
Laksh:swara,I have some urgent works….i have to leave now…good night..
Laksh leaves.
What happened to this laksh..?..
Episode ends…

Precap:mehendi function.

Hope you all enjoyed today’s episode…
Iam waiting for your feedbacks…

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