(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 13)

Hiiii friends…
I know that you all might be waiting to know the pairs..I have chosen the pairs…I think according to vote swasan,raglak won by 3 or 4 voted.But still i choose ragsan and swalak as the pairs.Its because one of the swasan fans commented that if i didn’t make swasan as pairs she will leave my ff.
So i choose swalak and ragsan.Because i don’t like anyone blackmailing me. sorry all the other swasan and raglak fans.
But still i want all your supports.
I hope you will enjoy today’s episode.
Precap:Laksh putting swara’s haldi on ragini.Ragini also put haldi on laksh.

Episode 13
Laksh is searching for ragini.Ragini is sitting in her room.Laksh enters the room.
Laksh:Ragini,is there any problem between you and sanskar.
Ragini is shocked to hear that.
Ragini then said:No laksh,there is no problem between me and sanky.
Laksh:Are you sure?
Ragini:yes…laksh ,there is nothing like that.
Laksh:fine….iam leaving.
Laksh in his mind :Ragini is lying to me but why?I have to find it..
Laksh leaves from there.
Ragini also leaves from her room.
Sanskar in his mind:i have to find those documents…
Sanskar goes to ragini’s room .He starts searching for the documents.After sometimes..he got the documents from ragini’s bag.He leaves from there.on the way..sanskar reads the document and he gets shocked.
Ragini:oh..you got the documents…now tell me how do you got swara and mine school details…
Sanskar:You want me not to marry swara right.Now iam myself giving you a chance….
Sanskar:listen to me carefully..

Now sanskar is saying something to Ragini … we cannot hear that..
Ragini is shocked to hear that.
Sanskar:you have to do this two things…
Ragini leaves from there.She goes to laksh.
Ragini:Laksh,do you really love me..
Laksh:why are you asking like that..ragini…ofcourse i love you.
Ragini:Can you prove it..
Laksh:say,,what I should do..?I will do anything for you.
Episode ends.

Precap:Ragini is saying something to laksh.Laksh is shocked to hear that.And tears are falling from laksh’s eyes.

Hope you enjoyed todays episode.
Iam waiting for your feedbacks.

Credit to: Amy Jake


  1. Aishu

    I am happy tht u chose the pairs on ur choice. V all lobe ur plot. Plz don’t feel bad if anyone blackmail u again. Just go vth ur storyline. There r many silent readers fr u ff. And I must say ur story is unique one…..

    I think Ragini asks lucky to marry swara….

  2. Subi

    I agree you don’t like blackmailing.. But you can’t take a decision like.. I am not talking about the ff.. It’s a friendly advice from a new friend… Sry If I have taken advantage. It’s just my opinion.. N about ur ff.. U can’t hurt trio’s heart swaraglak

  3. Meghs

    Even i am swasan fan but some emotional blackmail which i don’t like… I too like swalak…. No matter for comment u carryon ur stry…

  4. meetu

    for first time i m commenting here and i m a silent reader of u. Thanks for choosing ragsan because there r more sanswa ff i m getting bored to read bt u came like a heaven fr me. I think rag ask to marry swara. Is sankar love rag? Wating fr nxt

    • No yar meetu i am srry i am just saying to u as a frd. As u always comments on my ff but when it comes to stiry their is no fsult in laksh and ragini because of sanskar stupidity and his revengue he is hurting his own brother its wrong.
      Its better to stay alone than marrying ragini to sanskar and
      Kaksh to swara
      Seriously dont think like that dear when u ask voting they will say wat they think amy .
      Dont take it negatively

  5. Anna

    Seriously even u ask us for voting then y chose swalak and ragsan….u know wot…even if in a story or real life..separating loving ones is a great sin..sorry if I hurt u

  6. Taiana

    Sry to say dear but if u want to make ragsan thn y u showed lik raglak luv each other n now u separate thm??? U can’t separate the luvers lik that… Plss think once again abt ur decision…

  7. lata

    look, i really like both swalak and swasan as a pair but…. its the matter of separating two people in love….. so if u want to pair swalak or swasan do it according to the plot and as per ur wish but plzzz….. don’t do this change in story just to prove someone that u do or donot care for his/her support towards ur ff…. as it hurts other people also reading it………so……… just take the advise and speak up clearly that acoording to ur story which pair would be the best….???????????
    we all will be really glad to get to know ur true opinion 😉 but well, till then all the best for the story and…. think carefully about my friendly advise….. 🙂
    waiting for ur next post…….. 🙂

  8. unknown

    sry but I dont support u.. just for one cmnt u changed ur pair… like seriously yaar, one cmnt u get like blackmailing and so on.. I just hate these shit.. if u hav already choosed ur pairs then why u conduct this nonsense polls.. I would hav respected ur decision and would hav left this widout cmting(I ignore ragsan ff, as I hav bg schedule, and only read some ff based on swasan, and I thought ur ff is extraordinary) but u made me hurt not on pairs I really appreciate ur work but ur words like blackmailing and so on.. sry I cannt get it into my nerves… and I knew that it was ragsan ff frm frst still not ignoring this.. but u forced me today as ur attitude stops me frm reading this.. so sry but u carry on… dont think abt others and dont take any tension and move on…. really fake impressed by ur attitude…

  9. guttal

    hey amy! im a silent reader,thought to comment on ur ff as i hav loved it!
    and dont care for ppl blackmailing….. i my opinion u could have made swara marry sanskar and den show how ragini protects her sister wit d help of laksh and den sanskar realising his mistake! dat tym as raglak r already in love according to ur fiction dey woulnt have a heart break and also swara would get d person whom she has loved!
    so pls just think again bfr ur nxt update!
    and ya which ever couple u choose we will still continue reading ur posts!

  10. manvi

    thankkkkkkk uuuuuuuu soooooooo muchhhhhhh dear…….ur ff is really really really superb its amazing …..and one more thing …….in ur ff ragsan as pair is really suitable ……come on guys …….plsss aap log ab stupid ke terah mat behave karo ok yeh inki ff or inko hi decide karne ka haq banta h guyssssss or one more thing plsssss plsssss plsssss guys aap log pehle ff ka tittle padh lo ….so sayad samjh me aa jay ……dr I love ur ff …plssss dr aap sonata decision change mat karna plsssss plsssss plsssss plsssss plsssss plsssss aap bas apne dil ki suno ………..or I think sanky starting se rags ko like karta tha …I think …ur story is really really really superb I love it yaar …akhir apne behan ki life ko bachane ke liye koi apne. life kurban kar de its really amazing ….aapne apne ff me sister ki real meaning samjhai h its really really really really amazing carry on sis

  11. abi

    from dis decision it s clearly indicated that u dint respect d readers f ur ff….first u told swasan nd raglak as pairs nd now when raglak nd swara r n love u r changing d pairs…..bullshit…..just skipping ur ff…..bye

  12. abi

    dnt wait for feedbacks…..bcoz u wont mind our feedbacks…..nd n many ffs many had said dat dey will quit…..bt nobody has taken it seriously…..for 1 feedback u hav hurted many readers….

  13. Anu

    Sry yr for saying this but if you want to make ragsan then u can make it i will have not said anything but i dont like your attitude for 2 or 3 blackmailing comment u have choosen ragsan yr seriously… have all swasan fan have blackmail you nd one more thing may be they have not blackmailed you only tell their decision in their ooint of view…may be if you have chosen swasan ragsan would have also Said you liked this because in many ff i have read tgeir comment which r swasan
    So yr you should not have chosen it like this plz once again think your decision
    I m not saying you this beacuse i m swasan fan i m just saying this because you shoukd not break 3 hearts swaraglak plz think once again
    I would have not say anything if you have chosen ragsan but i m saying this because in your plot swasan will look better…nd now your wish what u want to do

  14. qeeny

    Frnds its kk if she choose ragsan and swalak as a pair don’t blackmail her. If u don’t like then not read it.Even I am swasan fan. don’t feel bad for this we have many swasan ff. Personally I feel pairs should be writing choice.

    • Kriya

      ya qeeny agree that pair should b of writers choice but then this poll drama should not be there if she has already planned pair as ragsan swalak then y she create unnecessary voting drama…many of readers are disappointed just bz of that only….there are many ff of ragsan swalak n readers r enjoying also…she herself spoil readers interest in her ff by disrespecting them…i am a big swasan raglak fan but i do read ragsan swalak stories also if i like plot and storyline but i don’t like her this type of approach…so just like other readers i am also not going to read further…

  15. niti

    Sry if I hurting u but I started reading urr story due to raglak.Now u change the pair.I can’t imagine ragsan.bye and sry again

  16. Actually in my thots I think u already planned fa ragsan the few episode itself proved bt I dnt knw y yu made useless polls?? It’s lyk something makes d readers feeling regret yur plot already shwd tat its ragsan wats d need of fake poll . . .. . . .sry if I hurted yu anyway all d best wid yur story tc

  17. sonu

    this is not right yaar u showed raglak &swasan as pair & because of some comment ur changing pairs. sorry but it’s like ur showing ur ego.like if anyone blackmail u for pairs or something u will change pairs.if anyone says u about ur story some thing u will change ur storyline also.sorry but i can’t support that person who changes dicigen on one or two comment.i am not going to read this anymore.u better next time preapare pairs on urself & don’t do the drama of voting an all.the readers will give their opinion if u ask.everyone have their favourites & they ask for that only.seriously this is discusting.i’m don’t sorry if i hurt u.good byyyy

  18. miyana

    Sry yr but we are really hurt how can u change the pairs.One more thing why u ask for our votes if u have decide ur own .

  19. swans

    y r u asking for u wont respect the feedback rgt ..thn y r u asking…i read ff becuse of swasan …bt u hurted readers by changing pairs…plz dont insult the readers …

  20. Kriya

    honestly speaking though i am swasan raglak fan, i would hv continued reading your ff…but you hv disrespected the readers…and the reason u hv give for selecting pair is just bullshit only…sorry for using bad words but u r the very first writer who has created sach type of sin. i am regarting for wasting my time on reading ur ff. n for the first time i won’t say sorry if my comment hv hurt u..bz u hv already hurt many of readers. n moreover u r going to break 3 peoples hearts. its just disgusting.

  21. ruhi

    I don’t get it why u do drama of voting if u ur self decided about pairs like others swasan fans I am also not going to read.sry for this….instead of voting drama if u said u like ragsan we definitely don’t have any prb but u hurt our feeling

  22. Amy Jake

    I know its my mistake…But now i cannot change the pairs..It will be ragsan and swalak.Pls forgive me na…pls..I shouldn’t have taken a decision just because of one comment.pls..forgive me..
    I have started a swasan and raglak ff…i hope you all will forgive me and will read that ff.
    If your sister do a mistake..then you will forgive her na..so pls consider me as your sis…and forgive me.pls…

  23. Amy Jake

    I know its my mistake…But now i cannot change the pairs..It will be ragsan and swalak.Pls forgive me na…pls..I shouldn’t have taken a decision just because of one comment.pls..forgive me..
    I have started a swasan and raglak ff…The writer’s name given is not Amy jake..i hope you all will forgive me and will read that ff.
    If your sister do a mistake..then you will forgive her na..so pls consider me as your sis…and forgive me.pls…

  24. Pranami

    Now u said u can’t change the pairs..Bt what about that useless poll..?? Do u have any idea how many swasan fans r heart broken..?? Sorry i’m very dissappointed..i was a big fan of ur ff..not because i’m swasan fan but i liked ur plot..bt now it’s really difficult for me to imagine this sudden twist..

  25. Tooba

    I’m a swasan fan but I am glad that you decided the pair by yourself……All the best and don’t feel bad about swasan fans they can imagine it as swasan and I think ragini ask laksh to marry swara

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