(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 12)

Hai friends….
I know that there are both swasan,raglak and ragsan,swalak fans here.. l also have a confusion about the pairs.so i want you people to vote for your favourite pairs.The pairs who wins the majority will be selected.You have time upto tomorrow 10pm.
And if anyone of you are feeling that my ff is getting bored…please do inform me.
Recap:sanskar said to ragini that he will ruin swara’s life.Ragini tried to reveal sanskar’s true face to swara but she failed.

Episode 12
Swara and sanskar are sitting on chairs for their haldi ritual.
swara is constantly looking at sanskar.Swara looks tensed.Sanskar watches this .
Sanskar:what happened swara,why are you so tensed.
Swara:I dont know why sanskar..i am feeling that something bad is going to happen with us.
Sanskar in his Mind:Not with us swara,its with you.
Swara:what are you thinking sanskar..
sanskar:swara,I do feel sometimes that something bad is going to happen.He smiles evily.
Suddenly Ragini comes
Ragini:you are right sanskar,something bad is going to happen…
sanskar looks at Ragini with rage.
Just then Shekhar and sumi tie a long cloth between swasan so that they cannot see eachother.
Swara thought that this is what Ragini said about.But sanskar understood what Ragini really mean.
Haldi function starts..Laksh was bringing haldi for swara.While bringing it he found swara tensed…he childishly put some haldi on ragini’s face.
Ragini:Laksh,what did you do..This is swara’s haldi.

Laksh:Don’t worry ..thats not a problem,now can put some haldi on me.Anyway our marriage will be there after one month.We can do our haldi now itself.The problem will be solved.
Ragini does so…She was lost in some thoughts by looking at sanskar..
Ragini:how to reveal sanskar’s real face…God,give me an idea…please.
Sanskar in his mind by looking at ragini:Ragini,you can do whatever you want..but you will not be able to stop me from marrying swara.Sanskar is smiling evily.
All the family members start putting haldi on swasan.All are praising their jodi.Time comes when Ragini has to put haldi on sanskar.Ragini bends down for putting haldi.
sanskar:you said that you will save swara from me …you will separate us..No rags no…you will make us together..Because iam sure you will definetely fail to reveal me..
Ragini:No sanskar..What ever happens..I will definitely save my sister from you…For that,if needed…i will forget what is right and what is wrong..But sanskar…but do you want to hurt swara.?

sanskar starts thinking some past moments and tears were falling from his eyes.Ragini notices it.Suddenly wipes it and gives her an angry look.
Shekhar:why are you not putting haldi on sanskar?
Ragini puts the haldi and went from there.Laksh notices all this.

Precap:laksh asks Ragini about the problem between sanskar and her…Ragini is shocked.
Hope you liked todays episode.The next episode will be on Friday.iam waiting for your feedbacks.

Credit to: Amy Jake


  1. Amy Jake

    Guys…Thanks for your comments…
    I would like to know that do you people will leave my ff if i make the pairs which is not voted by you.

  2. Swasan is best becoz if rag marry to sanky it will not be nice becoz raglak luv each other it will be unfair to them yaar ur ff is fab so let it be swasan and raglak only

  3. Amy Jake

    Guys…i will be little busy tomorrow..so my next post will be on Saturday morning..sorry..so you have time upto Friday 10pm for voting…
    Now,,swasan leads with around 18…

  4. I just wanna say..dat plzz chose d pairs of ur ff urself..bcozz by votng only swasan gonna win..
    plz make it RAGSAN or chose by ur own..don’ do voting plzzzzz

  5. Amy jake

    Tomorrow morning I will post next episode…Just before writing the episode I will check the votes…who have more votes will be chosen.Now swasan leads with around 20 votes…

  6. Reetu

    Pls …Amy swalak…
    swalak fans …where are you…we have time only up to morning..pls do vote for swalak..ragsan

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.