(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 11)

Hai friends…
I think that my ff is getting little bored.so i will try to finish it as soon as possible.
Recap:ragini understood that sanskar doesn’t love swara but just pretending

Episode 11
Laksh:Yes ragini,say..
Ragini in her mind: No…if i say it to laksh,he will make it a big scene.
Laksh:Ragini,what’s the matter,say it.
Ragini:nothing laksh,i just simply..
Maa is calling me..i will call you later ,bye.
she cuts the call
laksh:what happened to this girl…god knows.!

At night
Ragini:how to find the complete truth.?
All are going for shopping including sanskar and laksh also.
In mall..
swara is very excited
Swara:sanskar ,select a lehenga for me.
Sanskar:This red one will be good.
Laksh selects a dark blue lehanga.
sanskar:Laksh,whether you are also going to wear lehenga tomorrow .
laksh:sanskar bhai..pls..
Ragini:what’s going on here.
laksh:i have selected a lehenga for you.
Ragini:its nice..but for your knowledge,my favourite colour is red…blue is swara’s favourite colour…na swara.
Swara:Haan ragini…sanskar even don’t know about my favourite colour.
Sanskar:for now,lets do one thing .swara,you take that blue lehenga and ragini,you can take that red one.
Laksh:Haan,for now pls adjust..next time onwards we will select your favorite colors itself..
swara:fine..Laksh,your and ragini’s marriage is on next month..dont forget it..
Laksh and ragini blushes.
At night
Ragini:Tomorrow is swara and sanskar’s haldi function.I have to find sanskar’s truth.tomorrow i will find it at any cost.Today because of shopping he escaped but tomorrow no one can stop me.
Next day
Ragini:i will go to sanskar’s house for getting the haldi for swara.
Laksh:i will also.

Shekhar:laksh,sanskar don’t have any family .So his haldi also will be conducted here.So call him here when you both go.
Laksh:ok uncle..
Raglak leaves to sanskar’s house
Ragini:hi sanskar,we came for swara’s haldi.
sanskar:its in the kitchen.
Laksh :i will take it.
Sanskar:do you get all the details about me that day itself.
Ragini is shocked.
Sanskar:no need to get confused about me ragini..i came here to make swara’s life hell and i will do that.
sanskar is shocked..
laksh:you have to come with us.Because your haldi is not here…its at gadodia mansion with all of us.Come..come fast.
RagSanLak reached gadodia mansion
Ragini is still shocked
she went to swara’s room.
Ragini:swara,i have to say you something..
Ragini:swara,sanskar is cheating you..he don’t love you…he is just acting to ..
Swara laughing loudly..
sanskar came there.

Sanskar:ragini,,i have told everything to swara..sorry..you couldn’t fool her.
Ragini:swara,he is lying.
Swara:rags,sanskar told me that you all planned to fool me by saying that sanskar is cheating me.
Ragini,your plan got flopped.
come for haldi.
Swasan leaves from there.
Ragini looks tensed.

precap:mehendi function

hope you liked today’s episode.
iam waiting for your feedbacks..

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  1. it’s interesting. try to make it long, dear!!! and, reveal the secret soon. and, i am feeling that your story is just flat. i mean can you elaborate a little about the situations, their reactions ? finally, please don’t rush up the scenes. sorry if my words hurt you.

    1. I will try to post long updates..
      And also i will try expand each scenes….Thanks for your comment….

  2. are you planning to change couples also

    1. I haven’t revealed the couples yet..

  3. make ragsan plz plz

    1. Lets see..pairs will be revealed soon..

  4. Ur ff is amazing..plz don’t end it..plzzzzzz

    1. Thank you so much yaar…

  5. Nd make it ragsan..plzzz..once again awsm ff

    1. Pairs will be revealed soon..Thanks once again..

  6. dont seprate swasan pls

    1. Pairs will be revealed soon..
      Thanx for commenting yaar..

  7. pls do not seprate swasan pls pls …. anyway nice

    1. Whoever the pairs will be..pls continue to read my ff…
      Thanx once again for commenting.

  8. Plzz make it ragsan..nd can u snd me the link of previous episodes

    1. Thanx for ur comment..links will be on nxt episode..

  9. yeah yaar ur ff is simply superb plsssss make it ragsan …

    1. Whoever the pairs will be ..pls continue to read my ff..
      Thanks for your comment..

  10. oh ho… its really awkward to imagine ragini with sanskar… but I understood that yo have chosen ragsan from today’s episode…anyway keep writing…

    1. Whoever the pairs will be…pls continue to read my ff.

  11. nice i thing u are changing couples its gud

  12. i would like to see swlak and ragsan as a couple hope u changed ur couples

    1. Whoever the pairs will be..pls continue to read my ff..

    1. Thanks..

  13. Can u snd me d link of prvs episodes..plzzz

    1. My nxt update will be on Thursday or tomorrow….In that update links will be there..pls wait till that..pls..

  14. Great…loved your ff..

  15. Please please please swasan

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