(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 10)

Hii friends..Hope you all are enjoying my ff..There will be a lot of twists in the upcoming episodes.So i would like to know your suggestions about the on-going track and also about the pairs.
Precap:ragini doubts on sanskar.
Episode 10

Ragini:what…??why did sanskar collected mine and swara’s old school’s details.There is really something wrong..I have to find it.

She took the documents and she put it in her bag.
she turned back.She is shocked to find sanskar there.
Sanskar:Rags,what are you doing here..?
Ragini:That actually…..
Ragini:I was just checking the rooms and all…Anyway swara has to live her whole life in this house know..so ofcourse i must check about your background and all..
Sanskar:oh really..then did you find something..
shocked sanskar:what did you find.
Ragini:I found that you have a habit of reading books..oh..this room is full of books,don’t you get bored reading books.
Sanskar:Not at all,because from my birth onwards,books were my friends and family to whom i share everything.
Ragini gets a call.a
Ragini:ya mom..iam coming.
Ragini:sanskar i think ii should leave now.

Ragini leaves from there.
Sanskar looks at the glass in his hand.
Sanskar:if she doesn’t want water .Then why did she ask me for water.There is something wrong.
Sanskar’s assistant comes.
He:sir,i have kept the documents on your table.
Sanskar goes to the room and is searching it on his table.
Sanskar:where is it.?
assistant:i had kept it it here.
sanskar:then where is it..?
Sanskar in his mind:okay…so ragini came here to know about me and my intentions . That means the documents are with her.I will get it at any cost.
Ragini reaches her house.she went to her room and is lying on the bed.
Worried Ragini:what to do now..Sanskar actually dont love swara,he is just pretending .But why?I will have to find it.Otherwise no one will trust me.I will say it to laksh.Hope he will trust me.
Ragini is calling laksh.Laksh attends the call.
Ragini:Laksh,I have to say you something…..

Precap:Swara and sanskar’s haldi function.Ragini informing everything about sanskar to swara.

Hope you liked todays episode .
Iam waiting for your feedbacks.
Sorry for short update…i have exam tomorrow that’s why…

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  1. Pls pls pls don’t seperate swasan……i will get a heart attack

    1. About the pairs,i cannot promise you.But it will be interesting Tooba.That’s my promise..

  2. I want swasan and raglak only as a pair plzz give it a thought

    1. And also when are you gonna reveal the past of sanskar…..plz make it fast

      1. Sparkle,a small part of sanskar’s past is there in episode 1

  3. nice

    1. Thanks …

  4. swasan nn raglak pls

    1. Pairs will be revealed very soon..

  5. Mujhe aisa lagraha hai ki Ragini sanskar seh shadi karengi in order to save swara’s life…

    1. Lets see..

      1. Please update soon….i am eager to know about the pairs….

    1. Lets see who will be the pair..

  6. Thanks surbhi..

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