(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Epi 1 continuation ) part 2


Hai friends..Hope you all liked episode 1 of my ff.Before starting today’s episode,for avoiding confusion i will say the ages of swara,ragini,sanskar and laksh.
Swara-18,Ragini-18,Laksh -20,Sanskar-22.
Chapter 1 continuation

Swara was walking to the class.Some seniors called her.A handsome boy was also there with those seniors,he was our Laksh.But he was not interested in ragging and all.So he was sitting in a corner by reading his book.

Swara looked at them and walked towards them.One of the seniors,a girl,made a disgusting face looking at Swara. ”Guys,tum logone is behenji ko kyu bulaya?”the girl asked her fellowmates.Swara felt bad by that comment.One another senior asked her to dance by saying that she wore such kind of dress.swara’s eyes was filled with tears by hearing that comment.Laksh was even not watching what was going on there,he was just concentrated in reading book.
Suddenly ragini came there with the principal by discussing some admission matters as it was their first day in the college.By seeing the principal,all the seniors except Laksh ran from there as they were ragging swara and she was crying there.

Ragini thanked the principal for the helps done by him for their admission(he is Swaragini’s relative).He then went from there.When ragini came towards swara,she found swara’s eyes filled with tears.

Ragini asked swara :”what happened”?
Swara replied her that his gang insulted her(by pointing laksh).Before swara could complete saying,Ragini went to laksh and said”Whom do you think you are?, How dare you insult my sister?First of all,you look at yourself!You looks like a bookworm(laksh was having spectacles) !Dont ever dare to even come near to my sis”! Laksh was shocked as well as angry hearing her..
Then swara took ragini from there and said her the entire story.Then ragini understood that laksh was innocent and she felt bad thinking about how she insulted him.At that time itself the bell rang and they went to the classroom.After their classes they went to their home.There,sumi and shekhar were waiting for them.when they reached home,sumi and shekhar asked thΓ«m how was their first day in the college,both were tensed thinking about Laksh!But they said it was fine .At night,ragini was tensed thinking about

laksh.chapter ends with ragini’s tensed face.

Precap:Laksh is holding ragini’s hands angrily. Someone comes and remove laksh’s hand from ragini’s.

Guess who will be that ?

Credit to: Amy

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  1. i think sanskar

  2. Of course it will be sanky.

  3. isnt this ff swalak&ragsan

    1. I think it is sanskar…..is this ff is about swalak and ragsan??

  4. Obviously sanky

  5. There will be lot of twists…That you will understand by next two chapters..hope you all liked my ff.

  6. Yeah it has to be sanskar

  7. plz reveal pairs

  8. Thanks everyone ..and next episode onwards i will write recap,sravya.Sorry ,i cannot reveal the pairs now ,rosy.but surely u will get to know about it so soon…

  9. nice. .but pair’s. .?

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