(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Episode 2) (Part 4)

Hai guys..Iam back…First of all,so sorry for not updating my ff these many days.Actually i was very busy with my exams.Today onwards i will try my best to update daily.Thanks for everyone who supports me.
recap: Swara being insulted by some seniors.Rags misunderstood that lucky was also there with those seniors and she insulted him.
Chapter 2
Swara is drying up her hairs.
Swara:Ragini..wake up its already late.
Rags: Shona please..let me sleep some more time.
Swara:Its 8’o’clock.wake up..
Rags:what!!!shona..why dont you call me earlier shona???
Swara:what!! I was trying wake you up for a long time..But you were even not responding to me..so what can i do.?
Ragini: Ok,whatever ! i will come after getting fresh
sumi: Shona…lado…come down and have breakfast..
Swara:we are coming ma…
After sometime…
Both swara and ragini are coming..swara in dark blue anarkali suit and ragini in white jeans and Greyish blue top..both are looking gorgeous..
They are having their breakfast..
After completing it..they are going to college..
Swara:I want principal..so you can go to class.
Rags:fine..come before the bell rings..
Swara :fine
Rags is walking to the class..
Laksh is coming opposite to her.Now they are standing face to face.Ragini is trying to leave from there.,but laksh holds her hand ..tightly..she is trying to remove her hand..Suddenly she gets shocked by seeing someone removing laksh’s hand from hers.
It is none other than our dashing sanskar.laksh gets angry by seeing it.
Laksh :how dare you?..
Sanky:its not good to hurt any girl.
Lucky :who are you to say that?
Sanky : Iam your new guest lecturer..Sanskar.
Laksh gets shocked…

Precap: Swara and sanky in library.Both will be going take the same book..they will see each other and a deep eyelock between them.

So guys…what do you feel about today’s episode ..pls give me feedbacks.
Sorry for the mistakes..

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