swaragini (the inner feeling) promo


hi guys one last update for today.
this time I am giving you a promo.
I will update the episode after some days. because I am busy.

swalak ragsan ardhika and nesam were dancing with each other.a chandelier is seen falling on swalak.

ragsan are in canteen.
someone is clicking their photos

ragini unconscious in the library.

what will happen to swalak .will they be saved .who will save them.

who is clicking ragsan photos.what does
he want to do.

what happened to ragini ….

keep thinking..

want to know more about this.
stay tuned.

plz comment guys.
I will not be able to update for some days because my cousin’s are coming and
I will be busy with them.so sorry guys. I promise I will try to update asap.but guys i want your comments to continue this .pls tell me if you are liking it or not.
bye .see you soon.

Credit to: pari

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  1. Interesting..waiting for nxt prt

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