swaragini (the inner feeling) ch-9


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let’s start.
at gm.
on the first day of college.
swaragini got ready.swara was wearing a purple coloured anarkali.she had made a pony of her hair.ragini was wearing a blue coloured 3/4and a pink coloured top.
ragini was curling her hair.
swa-rago what was need to come today you are not fine yet.
rago-oh diii from two days you all are pampering me.come on di look at me.I am completely fine.
she said showing herself to swa.
swa-ok but promise me that you will take care of your self.
rag-ok baba promise.now come fast I don’t want to be late on the first day of college.
they went down.
they ate their breakfast and left for college.
sanky was making his hair while lucky was wearing his shoes.
lak-comeon sanky get ready fast we we will get late yar.
san-yaa just a minute.
they got ready.lak was wearing a blue coloured jeans and red co lured t-shirt.he was looking hot in it.san was wearing a black jeans and blue coloured t-shirt and he was looking handsome in it.
they went down.
lak-mas chachi we are leaving.
ap-beta at least eat your breakfast.
san-badi maaa
suj-no sanskar eat your bf first
lak-ok chachi comeon San let’s finish it fast.
san-ok bhai.
then they finished their bf and left.
swaragini were walking in the campus of the college.then a boy came and started flirting with rags.
rags-o hello mister .will you flirt with the daughter of the principal.you know I am anusha khanna the principal ‘s daughter.
you know you can get suspended for what you are doing now.and I think you are a newcomer right.you should focus on studies and you are here flirting with girls. wait let me call dad he will teach you a lesson.
she was acting as if she was the principal daughter.swa had told her about her.she took out her phone and was going to make a call when the boy said-I… Amm. ….sorry …mam. ..I will not do it again…pls forgive Me mam .plz. ..
rags-i am forgiving you this time but if I see you do this again with anyone in the college then I will not leave you.understand. you better understand.
she said pointing a finger at him.the boy was so scared that he ran away.
swa-what you did rags see he got so scared.
rags was laughing very much.
rags-di he was flirting with me.with ragini gadodia.so I taught him a lesson.from now on he will never flirt with a girl.even not with his wife.you saw his face.ha haaaaa.
again she started laughing.
rags-ok di..
and she controlled herself not to laugh but she again started laughing.
laksh and San who had came just now saw swaragini laughing went near them.
lak-what are you laughing at.
he asked ragini.
rag -vo…she again started laughing.she can’t control her laugh.
swa told them everything.lak also laughed.san saw rags in shock.
lak-so ms anusha khanna will you like to become a friend of laksh maheshwari.
he said in a flirty tone.san and sea felt jealous.
rags-sure handsome man.
she also started to flirt.and they shook their hands.
swa was burning in jealousy.
and raglak burst out laughing.
swa-rago we are getting late comeon let’s go.
rags-ok di bye handsome.
she winked an eye at him. swara dragged her.
san-Bhai what are you doing.
lak-nothing. .ok now you go in your class and I will go in mine.
he left angry.he was jealous with raglak bond.
san pov-
why am I feeling jealous of ragini and laksh closeness.no it’s nothing like that.leave that I Need to go to the class.
pov ends.
lak pov
yes I swa her she was jealous.yessss. now I will make her fall in love with me.yes mission swara starts.
pov ends.
precap-freshers party.

Credit to: pari

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