swaragini (the inner feeling) ch-8

hii guys i am back with another episode.I was overwhelmed when I saw the comments.Thankyou so much guys.I felt really good to see that you liked the previous epi.I hope you like this one as
let’s start,
outside the lift
swara was banging the door.she went near
lak and said-laksh pls do something laksh rago is inside.
she was holding his hand tight.
laksh was happy but confused.
lak-relax swara the lift will start in few
minutes and btw sanky is also inside he will handle everything.
swa-laksh rago has chlostrophobia.laksh
plz do something laksh rago is inside laksh

she was crying very much .she clutched lak’s hand more tightly.laksh stood there
inside the lift,
rag was feeling uneasy.San noticed this.
san-heyyy are you okay.what happened.
he asked her worried.
rags was coughing badly now.”I….. h..a..ve…..chl…ostro…….pho……bia….”
she managed to say breathing heavily.
San was shocked to hear this.”hey relax
see we will be out of here…..”

he was trying to calm her.rags felt unconscious and San looked on shocked.
he remembered all their moments together their fight their eyelock her cute face everything.
he cupped rago face and said-ms gadodia pls get up.see I am here you give driving tips .you scold me for hitting your car.plz get up
he hugged her and cried.suddenly the lift started .he thanked god for that.as soon as the lift stopped at the second floor he picked ragini in his arms and took her outside.swara and laksh came there .swara was crying seeing her sister’s state.she rushed towards her.
lak-sanky make her lie here I will check her.
(guys laksh is in final year of M.B.B.S)
San -yes bhai

he laid her down.swara went near her and rubbed her hands.
Lak checked her and told one of the worker there to bring an injection.he ran towards the medical store.
lak-swara San we need to rub her hands till the injection comes.
they started to rub her hands and legs.the man came with the injection.Lak took it quickly and injected it in her right hand.San closed his eyes when he was doing this. then he opened his eyes and caressed her hair while swara held her hand.
lak- she will be fine in some time.we need

to take her home.come we will drop you
swa-but. ..
lak-no buts swara come she might need
me when she gets up.
she said looking at rags.lak held her hand and said -she will be fine.come.
sanky again carries her in his arms.
he lays her in the back seat.and swara sat beside her lak sat in the driver seat and San beside him.he was still looking at rags from the rear mirror.
lak asked swa her address. she told him.
they were on the road when rags gained consciousness .swa hugged her and asked her-are you fine ?you know how much I was worried .you should have taken care….
swa was saying when rags interrupted her.
rag-di main theek hoo dekho aur waise bhi mein aapka peecha itni aasani se nahi chodungi. (i am fine di and btw I am not going to leave you so easily)
they both hugged.swaragini played in background.

San saw her conscious and let out a sigh of relief while lak smiled seeing their sister’s love.
they reached swaragini home.
San opened door for rag and was about to carry her when ragini signed him to stop and said-I am fine now I can walk.
san- no you are not

he carried her forcefully. while going they shared an eyelock.both were lost in eo eyes.they went inside home and seeing them dadi and maa rushed towards them
dadi-what happened lado.
swara told them everything while San placed rags on the sofa.they were still lost in eo eyes.dadi turned towards sanlak and said-thankyou you both for saving my lado thankyou very much.she joined hands in front of them.lak put them down.
lak-no aunty it’s not like that.you don’t need to say thankyou.
san-yes aunty you don’t need to thank us.
dadi asked them to eat their lunch at their house but they said next time and left.

precap-first day in college.


so how was it guys .plz let me know by the comments thankyou for reading it.thank you silent readers also.

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